The Empire Strikes Back

Occasionally Microsoft comes out with some really interesting stuff. The Break Up, and the accompanying blog show that at least parts of Microsoft are thinking right. But while the video is fine and all that, perhaps more interesting is the fact that the blog uses rather than Microsoft’s own platforms, video is hosted by a third party service and the blogger writes a strange mix of independent and official.

How believable is such a site? Is it really more convincing that the official sites or are people wise to underground marketing now?

Via CentreSource.

3 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back

  1. In terms of a marketing concept it’s great. It is showcasing Microsoft’s ideas and views (putting them at the forefront of our mind when we think about innovate communications) yet it’s talking to us on ‘our level’ which makes it feel less like a marketing tactic and more like a way to inform and educate.

    I think they’ve got it right. As consumers our behaviours are changing – we want everything right now and we want it to feel like it’s all about us.

    Are people wise to underground marketing? I think it all depends on how it’s executed. For me I think to think of it as underground PR rather than Marketing. Raising awareness of ideas and concepts without trying to ‘sell’ your service or product.

    Interesting stuff though!

  2. I love the movie.
    But the blog is weird, like seeing an android impersonating a human being, doing all the right things too perfectly.

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