Facebook > MySpace

You could see this one coming – Facebook has finally overtaken MySpace in terms of unique visitors. TechCrunch UK is surprised that Facebook is no longer the fastest growing network: In something of a revelation however, Facebook is no longer the fastest growing social network. Instead Perfspot, the US-based site where people “share their interests”, […]

One Year On

Today marks me being at Edge Hill for one year, at least according to dates – if you count days of the week then Doc John’s termly address yesterday marked the anniversary (I had time to gulp down a cup of coffee before going to it last year, this year being in a different country […]

Work with us…

We are currently looking for a Web Applications Developer to join our team. Full details about the post can be found on our website but I just wanted to add a few words about Web Services and where we are going. Why join us? At Edge Hill we’ve taken an innovative approach to Web Communications […]

The Empire Strikes Back

Occasionally Microsoft comes out with some really interesting stuff. The Break Up, and the accompanying blog show that at least parts of Microsoft are thinking right. But while the video is fine and all that, perhaps more interesting is the fact that the blog uses WordPress.com rather than Microsoft’s own platforms, video is hosted by […]