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In July I delivered a presentation at the IWMW in York entitled “Let the students do the talking…” and yesterday I travelled to Edinburgh to deliver a varient of this at the annual CASE Conference.

I was slightly anxious about telling Marketing and PR people to put everything in the hands of the students but was delighted at the positive response I had to what I had to say.

After speaking with colleagues who attended the full event it seems the Web 2.0 buzz has well and truly captured the imagination of those in the Marketing and PR world and people do seem read and willing to embrace the online trends and work with them.

I believe my slides will be available on the CASE Conference website shortly but for anyone who wishes to see them they’re on slideshare too.

One thing that I have taken away from both conferences is that our ‘hybrid’ approach to a Web Service (with my own role informally split between IT Services and Corporate Marketing) is quite unique but it’s really worked for us and has allowed us to develop services from different perspectives.

7 thoughts on “Case Conference Presentation

  1. Great slides. I especially enjoyed the whole “our students are our marketing and PR” part.

    I wish I had the audio from your presentation

  2. Fascinating. I do worry about some of this- the Hi! site seems to have little more than prospective students saying how wasted they are going to get. Is all publicity good publicity?

  3. Rob – Not all publicity is good publicity but my point is that we are going to get people talking about their experiences anyway so I think it’s a positive to highlight and encourage people to talk about real life experiences of the Edge Hill.

    As for the Hi site I have to disagree with you. Yes ‘some’ students are talking about getting wasted, as I’m sure they are at every other University up and down the Country. However the site is mostly being used to make friends, to join the EHU community and to find information. Read through the forums and the fact sheets – you’ll find groups of students who’ve got together to find houses, information about reading lists and timetables too.

  4. Point taken, Alison. It’s quite a change, culturally, isn’t it? You made the point in your presentation about the fact that students aren’t bothered about privacy- they live their lives in public it seems. Me, I like to draw a veil over certain things. Old age, I guess.

  5. I agree with you it is a huge change culturally. The trends do seem to indicate that young people are less likely to worry about their online privacy as much as we do. It’s a strange world we live in!

  6. I’d agree that there’s more to the Hi site than drink etc. The practical stuff on accommodation, interest in societies (including forming them), and general bonding seem highly worthwhile. It is odd though – I liked to drink when I was a student but wouldn’t have put up a poster (or whatever the 1980 equivalent of Hi would have been) to say so.

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