Better Blog Day 7: Plan Your Next Week’s Posting Schedule

Continuing the ProBlogger plan to a better blog, day 7 (yes, I know I’m not doing them in the right order) is to plan your blogging schedule for the next week.

As a team blog, posts can be a bit sporadic at times but with 77 posts over the last four months we’ve got a fairly decent post rate. Content wise we cover a mix of web/tech news from around the web, issues within the University, reports from conferences and our thoughts on projects within the team. Personally I don’t currently plan ahead very much – I have a few rough ideas for themes such as a series of posts reviewing the feeds I subscribe to and of course the current 31 days to a better blog series – but on the whole I blog about whatever I’m up to or happen to come across on the superinterweb.

So what’s the benefits of planning ahead? Putting it the other way, Darren Rowse explains the problems of not planning:

  • Sporadic Posting Frequency – some days when I sat down to write – nothing came. On these days I would quite often not post anything.
  • Post Quality Varied – on days when I was on fire I could pump out a great quality post – while on other days when I was struggling I would often feel the pressure to post something – so would end up posting rubbishy posts.
  • Productivity Decreased – posting this way meant that I was spending more time blogging for less results. It took me away from other activities that I wanted to spend time on.
  • Lack of Momentum – from day to day posts were not really relating to each other. I found readers complaining that I was all over the place.

I can see some elements of that in our blog – we sometimes go quite a while without any posts and it would be nice to have a more related posts. So I’m going to attempt to do a couple of weeks of planned posts to see what comes out of it. It it works then hopefully I’ll spend less time staring at a blank page wondering what to write and come out with more interesting content!

Day 9 doesn’t really apply to our blog – I don’t think plastering the site with adverts would go down too well! Some more of the next few days don’t look too useful so I’ll pick and choose a few.