Better Blog Day 1: Email a new reader

Here goes! It’s day 1 of our challenge to build a better blog following ProBlogger’s series of tasks.

Day 1 is to Email a New Reader:

Create a great impression upon a brand new readers to your blog by choosing a commenter that is new and emailing them to thank them for their comment.

It might not sound like the most profound tip but I’ll let you in on a secret – this is one of the main strategies I used to build up ProBlogger’s audience a couple of years ago.

What I found is that when you do it the chances of the readers that you email coming back to your blog again increases significantly. Get them to come back to your blog once and you increase the chances of them coming back again… and again…

That sounds easy enough – I’ve just fired off an email to my latest commenter – but it would be good to know who’s lurking out there and we should probably make a habit of emailing new readers.

Some comments on the Bamboo Project give a reminder of the importance of engaging with readers:

While I am still a new blogger/blog reader, I have noticed that I do pay more attention to the blogs where the author has emailed me after I made a comment.

When they don’t respond either by email or acknowledge in the comments, I assume they don’t really want interaction. I may keep reading, but I tend not to bother responding again.

I’m definately guilty of this sometimes. While I read every comment that’s posted to our blog – I get emailed when one is posted and also subscribe to the comments RSS feed I feel a bit awkward just replying with “Thanks for the comment” or “I agree” something like that but if it makes for happier more engaged users then I’m all for it!

So go ahead, post a comment and I’ll try to reply!