31 Days to a Better Blog

I’ve been planning to run with ProBlogger’s series of tasks for the last couple of weeks since reading Michele Martin’s progress on the Bamboo Project Blog. We’re a few weeks behind the official start on 1st August, but having read some of the tasks and people’s experience of them I think it’s worth us having a bash. Hopefully it will help make this a better blog but also give me some ideas to pass on to colleagues as we develop a blogging culture at Edge Hill.

It’s going to be hard work keeping on top of blogging every day so apologies if I slip a little but enjoy the posts and please do comment on anything you read.

4 thoughts on “31 Days to a Better Blog

  1. Mike–so glad to have you join in! Although it’s a lot of work, I’ll tell you that we’re having fun and learning a lot. Well worth it, despite the work load.

    Just to ease that load for yourselves, you may want to cherry pick some of the activities rather than worrying about doing every one. It’s a LOT to get through, I can tell you! I just posted on the exercises that I found most useful and you can also see from some of the other participants where they felt they got a lot of mileage.

    Anyway–thanks for joining in. Looking forward to it!

  2. Welcome to the challenge. I agree with Michele, it’s a lot but worth it. I found it ramped up quickly after a week or so, mainly because I was seeing new aspects of the first tasks, and the new ones kept pouring in.

    I also think I have gotten as much from watching other people’s process as I have from my own, so I would encourage you to dig up the reports from the other participants as you go.

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