Go Go Gadget Portal!

GO ScreenshotI thought it was time for a quick update on some of the work we’ve been doing over the last few months. We’ve been redeveloping the GO staff and student portals to make them, well, better!

You can see by clicking the picture some of the changes we’re making We’re trying to make the portal as customisable as possible – you can add and remove content and reorder it to suit how you manage your information. You can also take some of the information and use it in your own environment, by subscribing to RSS feeds for example.

The chaps in Core Services have also been working hard on the backend with a new version of Access Manager which looks to be faster and more stable than the previous version. Access Manager (formerly known as iChain), for those that don’t know, is the system that allows you to log in with one username and password and access a whole host of systems provided by the University.

We’re currently polishing off the roughest edges with some internal testing following which we’re rolling out to a select bunch of beta testers prior to full phased deployment from September.

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