Case Conference Presentation

In July I delivered a presentation at the IWMW in York entitled “Let the students do the talking…” and yesterday I travelled to Edinburgh to deliver a varient of this at the annual CASE Conference. I was slightly anxious about telling Marketing and PR people to put everything in the hands of the students but […]

Resize Magic

Coming from a programming rather than design background, I always like seeing technical solutions for design related problems. Often automating is not as good as doing things manually – optimising JPEGs to minimise the size while not noticeably reducing quality is never perfect when you do batch conversions – but solutions like the one shown […]

Better Blog Day 8: Comment on a Blog that you’ve never Commented on Before

Well I thought today’s task was going to be really easy – I’ve just been forced to comment on my Dad’s new website for Southport Table Tennis Club but that doesn’t count: Go on a blog hunt today to see how many new blogs you can find in your niche. I think it’s a bit […]

Better Blog Day 6: Email an Old Timer Reader

Today’s ProBlogger challenge is to email an old timer reader. I did a quick scan through the comments to see who’s been reading and while we’ve had 123 comments, outside a core group of regulars it’s difficult to know who actually reads religiously and who just dropped by one time because they were searching for […]