I Am Not A Blogger

I just followed a link in a comment from Phil Wilson to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog. The first entry caught my interest:

But I’d love it if we one day eliminated the term “blogging” from the web lexicon (and that we stopped pursuing “CEO’s who blog.”). CEO’s who have cell phones aren’t “cell-phoners,” those who have email accounts arent “emailers,” those who give interviews on television aren’t “TV’ers” – they’re all leaders using technology to communicate.

I wonder if some people get too caught up (or put off) by the blogging and don’t concentrate enough on the message. Blogging is just about communication. It’s not the only way to communicate, but equally it’s not invalid simply because it’s different to a message sent by email or published in a newsletter or given as a presentation.

So I’ll carry on communicating as a web developer, not as a blogger, and not only on blogs. You might even see me in the real world from time to time!

1 thought on “I Am Not A Blogger

  1. To alot of people, “blogging” is a charged concept. At our university I’ve been trying to avoid the term altogether and instead approach it as ….”this is an easier way to to maintain your website with periodic updates and latest news”. Sure, in reality its still a “blog” but they don’t think of it as such.

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