Edge Hill innovators!

Mike and I have just returned from the Institutional Web Management Workshop in York during which he picked up second prize in an Innovation Competition! Congratulations Mike!

The Innovation Competition is a new feature of the workshop and I personally thought it was excellent. It gave us all a chance to see what ‘cool’ ideas other Universities could come up with and it gave the developers a chance to get ‘techy’.

Mike submitted three entries all of which can be seen on the UK Web Focus Blog run by Brian Kelly. Congratulations to Sebastian Rahtz who won first place for ‘Alternative course discovery using calendars and maps‘ and to Adrian, Claire, Joel, Brian, … for the most creative approach to the competition – Life On Sram!

3 thoughts on “Edge Hill innovators!

  1. I’d like to thank the Academy…

    Wait, that’s my other speech! I was very impressed with many of the entries and Sebastian’s in particular was a good example of how using open standards enables these kinds of innovative features to be developed quite easily. And there will be plenty of talk about XCRI at Edge Hill over the next few months 🙂

  2. I also need to correct an error I made during the conference saying that Core Services installed the firewall causing the site to be temporarily unavailable.

  3. I’d just like to echoe the fact that the innovation competition was a brilliant idea. As a relative newbie to the technical side of things it was inspiring to see the ways in which some of this technology can be used.

    I’d also like to thank edge hill in general for their contribution to the event. Both presenation and innovations were superb and it’s nice to see more taking on the open culture. If only I was still a student!

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