Controversy over YouTube videos

Last nights Panaroma on the BBC posed the question “should child ‘fight videos’ on the net be policed?”. The programme highlighted a growing trend for young people posting videos featuring violence and bullying on the site. Much of the content was horrific and disturbing and it is right we are asking questions about if this […]

It’s a serious business

Technology, and especially the Web, is a fast moving environment and it’s sometimes hard to know where to keep up to date with the latest news. Two sites I subscribe to are TechCrunch and GigaOM which both feature news and analysis about Web 2.0 products, services and companies. They cover similar material, often batting to […]

Bob Cringely from the Pulpit

So I’m off on holiday for a few weeks, but as promised I’ll be reviewing some of the feeds I subscribe to starting off with one of the most interesting people in technology journalism – Robert X. Cringely. The history of Bob Cringely is bizarre – he’s a character from US trade rag InfoWorld and […]

I Am Not A Blogger

I just followed a link in a comment from Phil Wilson to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog. The first entry caught my interest: But I’d love it if we one day eliminated the term “blogging” from the web lexicon (and that we stopped pursuing “CEO’s who blog.”). CEO’s who have cell phones aren’t “cell-phoners,” those […]

The Facebook debate goes on…

Everywhere I turn people seem to be talking about Facebook (I know I’m very guilty of it). From a University perspective it’s creating a lot of debate – How much should we encourage it’s use? Should we be plugging into it? Can we reprimand our students if we find information we don’t like on it? […]

Edge Hill innovators!

Mike and I have just returned from the Institutional Web Management Workshop in York during which he picked up second prize in an Innovation Competition! Congratulations Mike! The Innovation Competition is a new feature of the workshop and I personally thought it was excellent. It gave us all a chance to see what ‘cool’ ideas […]

Amazon Web Services

Building Highly Scalable Web Applications I was very interested to see Jeff Barr from Amazon on the list of speakers. It’s good to see the corporate world represented and I’ve been very interested in some of the stuff coming out of Amazon. Jeff’s presentation was about how you can use a variety of Amazon’s services […]

IWMW 2007: Day 1

I had good intentions to blog my experiences of IWMW but it’s been a busy couple of days so I’m going to attempt to review the first day before I forget too much of it. From individuals to networks and sustainable communities? Steven Warburton – the token academic – talked about communities, digital literacy, digital […]