Tracking the interweb

A comment on my last post from a journalist at the Essex Chronicle got me thinking. Obviously he’s using Google Alerts to track topics of interest, in that case possibly “World Scout Jamboree” or maybe “Chelmsford” or “Hylands Park” (hello if this triggers the alert again!). I know other journalists do this too – I wonder if the Ormskirk Advertiser[1] pick up on what we say online…?

Back to the point I was going to make! What tools do we use in Higher Education to help us better track what goes on online? I have a few Google Alerts of my own, but non for work use at the moment. I track interesting sites using RSS feeds and I monitor Technorati for people posting about Edge Hill – what do other people do? Is it part of our role in Web Services to track everything online, or should we be showing others some of the tools to monitor the internet for themselves?

I’ve just subscribed to an alert on “Edge Hill University”. Let’s see how much my inbox gets flooded!

Update: make sure you’re specific about alerts – I originally subscribed to Edge Hill University without the quotes and two out of three notifications weren’t anything to do with Edge Hill.

[1] icNetwork is currently broken – why is it always so slow?!

1 thought on “Tracking the interweb

  1. I just look at “edge hill” on Technorati, accepting that a few non-EHU things will come up in the results. Also Google alerts. I think journalists are more likely to dive in when they need something on a topic rather than have feeds and alerts, though I could be wrong. I’m sure this will come up at CASE and other PR forums over the coming months.

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