A hard day’s night

University of Leeds Web Content EditorThe University of Leeds have just advertised a vacancy for a part time Web Content Editor. I know this because it came up in Google Reader through the jobs.ac.uk feed. I think someone has been over enthusiastic in cleaning the data sent to the RSS feed – I don’t think they’ll get many applicants to work 24/7 (and a bit more!).

2 thoughts on “A hard day’s night

  1. Hi Mike
    Coincidentally I’ve just been looking at RSS standards – so your post was interesting. I wondered if the missing decimal point (17.5 hours, and not 175 hours!) was due to use of a non-standard character. This may be the case – but the raw XML file doesn’t contain the decimal point. The RSS feed is, however, valid.
    BTW I enjoyed your title for the post – I’ve been exploring use of song titles relevant to my posts (I’ve used “Dedicated Follow of Fashion” already). “A Hard Day’s Night” was one I’ve been considering – but you beat me to it. I’m just a jealous guy 🙂
    Brian Kelly, UKOLN

  2. I considered “Eight Days a Week” but it only came to 7.3 days 🙂

    Jobs.ac.uk seem to strip out all non-text/space characters as they remove brackets as well. I don’t quite understand why they do this as all the feed standards can cope with almost anything as long as it’s properly encoded.

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