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We’re frequently asked about our stance on blogs for Edge Hill staff and students and if we have plans to do roll these out site wide in the near future. The answer is yes but we have some work to do before than happens.

At present we’re looking at the whole web infrastructure and we plan to make some significant changes to the way in which we manage our servers and services by the summer. Once this is in place we’ll look to roll out a more robust blogging platform that can support a blogging community at Edge Hill. In the meantime we’ve set up blogs.edgehill.ac.uk and we’ve got a number of bloggers already using the service. We’re particularly keen to set up blogs for our research active academics so if you’re interested please get in touch with us.

8 thoughts on “A blogging community

  1. Sounds good – we need to think about getting them linked to – unlock the riches for the outside world!

    (BTW, after I make one comment in any uniblog, next time i have a go i get an error message asking for name and email even though I’m still supposedly logged in – but it won’t let me do anything else 🙁 )

  2. By uniblog do you mean ones hosted by Edge Hill or ones hosted by uniblogs.org/edublogs.org? I had an issue with the LS Technology Month blog the other day where it said I was logged in even after clearing cookies/cache etc. I didn’t have the time to investigate further so I just posted from a different web browser but I shall look into it further.

    I’ve notice a similar issue with this blog where it sometimes knows you’re logged in and other times doesn’t – like right now even though I just logged in to approve your comment!

    Stupid computers… they’ll never catch on 😉

  3. Hi Mike

    I had the same problem with LS Technology Monthly and Web Services – it sees me as still logged in and asks for username and email. However (as evidenced by this post) it seems to be working now, here anyway – thanks.

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