A one day research symposium at Edge Hill University, in collaboration with the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA)

15 April 2011, 9.30am-5pm

The Media Department, Edge Hill University and
MECCSA (Practice Section) will undertake a one day research symposium, investigating the role of censorship in media creative practice.

The symposium aims to produce a framework for understanding the limits of contemporary practice in Britain and elsewhere and offer the industry and governmental bodies some recommendations for the future.

Papers will investigate the following questions:

Does censorship still exist?
Does creative practice face any limits and what are they?
Who should decide what is censored and regulated?
What impact does regulation produce?
Does censorship necessarily hamper creativity or can it be an enhancing device?
What is self-censorship in the context of creative practice and how does it impact on practitioners’ work?
How can we contextualize the pressures put on contemporary media and creative practice?
How is the issue of censorship framed by professional concerns versus government priorities?

Please get in contact with Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu – trandar@edgehill.ac.uk


MECCSA Practice Section

Media Department, Edge Hill University

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