Vegetation Survey Update

Over the past few months I have been conducting a vegetation survey at Great Asby Scar NNR in Cumbria. The place is aptly named as everything about it is great. It has one of the largest expanses of limestone pavement in Britain, an unusual mosaic of calcareous grassland, limestone pavement and heath and the weather is never mundane! I (and some very lovely student helpers) have experienced gales, rain, hail, snow, thunder and lightening (sometimes all at the same time). We managed to trudge on and fieldwork went really well.

Throughout the survey I have been examining the differences in the diversity and composition of higher plants and bryophytes on limestone pavement and upland heath under two grazing treatments (no grazing and cattle grazing).

Alas there are some results to report. However, you will have to wait as all shall be revealed through the medium of poster at next week’s BES annual meeting.

For those of you not attending the conference I will post a brief summary of results here along with some photos of Great Asby Scar in the coming weeks.

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