Professor Jo Crotty

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The Institute of Social Responsibility started a blog in March 2020 in response to the first Covid lockdown. With the aim to critically examine broad conceptualisations of social responsibility across all disciplines, the Institute was committed to exploring the opportunities for cross sector collaboration and co-operation and to draw on the experience of practitioners. Since its inception, it has been a place where academics have been able to reflect on their research and its intersection with current events, within the broadest conceptualisations of social responsibility. The blog and its audience have grown considerably from its origins, extending beyond Covid and now resonates with current and emerging events, raising the profile of research both within and outside EHU.

However, as the Institute of Social Responsibility transitions into the Centre for Social Responsibility, it’s time for a change. As part of this transition, we are launching our new blog space – The KnowlEDGE. This space will expand on the original remit of the ISR blogs, building on best practice, to include blogs and articles rooted in knowledge exchange, research, and impact. Drawing on the expertise not only of academic colleagues but also on industry, external partners, and stakeholders around the world.

We are encouraging all staff at EHU to contribute, from PhD students to Professors and everyone in between. This can also include pieces co-authored with project partners, or project partners alone.

To kick off The KnowlEDGE we will be showcasing blogs from the recent Annual Conference for Research in Education (ACRE). The conference offered a forum for exploring critical engagements through research with broad issues of equity in education. It encompassed all phases of education, from the early years to adult learners, embracing both formal and non-formal educational settings and sectors. The blogs in this series represent various views about how we might we seek equity by critically engaging in educational research. Do look out for them!

Looking to the future, The Knowledge Exchange office are looking for blogs that are pithy, yet apolitical, and approximately 500 words in length from professionals, academics and practitioners who have something to say. We want submissions from people who have something to contribute to the conversation both within their field and broader popular discourse or (like ACRE) you have a conference or event to showcase.

If you’d like to submit a blog or article or would like to have a chat with one of the team, please do also get in touch by emailing [email protected]

We look forward to receiving them!