Who are we?

The Department of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is part of the Faculty of Health and Social Care (FoHSC) and is set up to develop innovative solutions to enhance the learning, teaching and assessment experience of its students and staff.

Consisting of enthusiastic, innovative, creative, and highly talented individuals specialised in health education, pedagogy, e-learning design and information technologies, TEL has been recognised as the team that is leading the field in e-learning health education.  Since 2010 the department was awarded external contracts from key national organisations and government departments to design over 30 bespoke programmes and training packages ranging from Arterial Blood Gas Analysis, Equality & Diversity, Information Governance to Sexual Health amongst many more.

Working internally within FoHSC, TEL successfully contributed to:

  1. Online assessment submission
  2. Online moderating and marking
  3. Maintaining the VLE baseline across the faculty portfolio
  4. Integrating a staff development programme for those using technology to enhance the student learning experience.
  5. Support academics in research the impact of technology in the learning process and their performance in health care.

In 2012-2013 five bespoke e-packages were developed in associating with academics within and beyond the faculty, they aim to further enhance our students’ learning experience:

  1. English as an Additional Language (FoE)
  2. Behavior Management – Making the right start (FoE)
  3. MSc Medical Leadership in associating with Royal College Physicians (FoHSC)
  4. Foundation Sciences of Nursing: Midwifery in associating with University of Bradford (FoHSC)
  5. Practice Learning Support Tool (FoHSC)

TEL will continue to empower academics to adopt technology in a pedagogical manner that will address the student demands, expectations and satisfaction.

Additionally, the department continues to make a substantial contribution to the Faculty from new and innovative online application including mandatory training, bid tendering, and consultancy and providing digital solutions for a new portfolio of external clients.

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