Care of the WellChild

The Technology Enhanced Learning Department, based in the Faculty of Health & Social Care, has been working in collaboration with Academic colleagues and WellChild, the national charity for sick children to develop an online resource to support and enhance parents’ knowledge of how to care for the WellChild.

Consisting of 5 eSessions; Tracheostomy Care, Gastrostomy Care, Oxygen & Suction, Basics of Ventilation and Basic Life Support, this online resource provides engaging and highly interactive learning content in an online learning environment which can easily be navigated by both parents and health professionals alike.  Hosted in a Moodle environment and developed in Articulate Storyline, the package combines audio-visual components with interactive learning activities to enhance the user’s knowledge of how to care for the child with a tracheostomy or gastrostomy.  Developed in collaboration with health professionals and Academic colleagues, the package is aesthetically designed to appeal to the parent with an emphasis on the visual appeal and instructional video content to highlight relevant procedures.



Interactive learning activities compliment the learning content, with assessment questions such as ‘drag and drop’ and ‘hotspot’ designed to promote the cognitive process rather than formally assess the parent.  A non-assessed package, the learning activities are sculpted to be an enjoyable and engaging experience which emphasises the importance of the procedure, the equipment required and vital signs to be aware of.


The eSessions are designed in HTML5, therefore allowing access from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, whilst also being available via desktop computers.  Similarly, the sessions can be downloaded for ‘offline’ viewing, increasing the accessibility for users who may not always have internet access.  Additionally, the sessions can be utilised by Academics within the institution to enhance the student learning experience internally as these online packages can be embedded into any LMS such as Blackboard, or hosted via eShare for easy access.  It is envisaged that these sessions will be used by the Faculty of Health & Social Care to support students online provision once the package is launched.


Utilising real world scenario’s and unique video access to patients with these conditions, the package promotes the importance of these specific procedures, how to perform them and equally importantly – when to perform them.  It is expected that the package will be successful in supporting parents in caring for the WellChild and further developing their knowledge and understanding in why this care is essential and of such importance.

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