The history of Edge Hill… On Google Maps?!

I was just having a look at Microsoft’s take on the ever popular online map site and found myself having a look at Edge Hill (yeah I know, sad huh?). Anyway.. I found it had a rather old aerial picture of Edge Hill! I’d guess it’s around 5-6 years ago based on the buildings there. You can see the LINC is just finished by the look of it. Even the Wilson Center isn’t on there is it’s current form. The Faculty of Education building and the lake are just green fields!

I decided to hop on Google Maps and see what their picture was like. It was a much more recent image, I’d say around mid/late 2005. Now if you put the two together you can really see how Edge Hill has grown in the last decade, even without the current new construction!

So here are the two images, Microsoft on the left and Google on the right.

ms ehu google ehu

I really can’t believe just how much the place has changed while I have been there. I can’t help but wonder how it will look 10 years from now. More to the point I wonder if anyone will be on here blogging satellite images of how much it has changed?!