Eee Day for Graduates Court

The new academic year is fast approaching and all over IT Services teams are running around like crazy to make sure everything is ready. For the Technical Services the current focus of attention is the installation of equipment for the new Graduates Court residencies. As with Founders Court, the rooms in the new halls will be fitted out with a high definition television attached to a small desktop PC.

When Founders Court was originally planned we look at a number of small desktop pc solutions. Eventually it was decided that the best machine for the job would be the ASUS EeeBox, specifically the B202. Since their installation last year the Eee boxes have proven to be very reliable. While not as powerful as a standard pc found in the open access rooms or on staff desks the Eee is perfect for its role, specifically the task of web browsing and providing a means for students to do their work from the comfort of their own rooms. Attached to the HD television, the Eee box also becomes a media center ideal for watching online video content or listening to music. The one thing that always bothered me was that the video input for the EEE was never native HD but now with Graduates Court we have an opportunity to improve on that.

From the success of the Eee B202 we naturally took a look at the latest offerings for ASUS. After comparing specifications and checking availability we settled on the new EeeBox EB1012P. Offering full HD support with an HDMI port the 1012P is a significant improvement on the 202. A dual core Atom processor and 2 gig of memory make for a pretty impressive performance and I can’t wait to see what they can do once they are setup in the halls.


There is still a lot of work to be done to have the new rooms installed in time but the students arriving in the new halls can look forward to having some swish new equipment in their rooms. As with all the other halls around campus Graduates Court will have full wireless coverage so anyone bringing their laptops from home will be able to connect. When you connect to the network and login you are ticking a box to agree to the university acceptable usage policy. While the fast internet speeds in your halls might seem great, remember that downloading any copyrighted material is against this policy as well as the law and if caught you doing this you could face serious consequences.

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