Firefox 3 – release later today!

At around 6pm today (BST) the final version of Firefox 3 will be released onto the web. If you happened to read my previous post you’ll be aware that Mozilla are trying for a Guinness World Record for the most downloads within a 24 hour period. So if you are a firefox fan or just curious to find out what the fuss is about then make sure you get a copy downloaded from the official firefox site by 6pm tomorrow!

I’d like to take this chance to remind staff that IT Services do not currently support firefox 3 and having it installed on a staff pc. If you do choose to install it then it must be configured to use our proxy server or you could be breaching the acceptable use policy. To configure the proxy settings go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Connection (click settings). On this screen set Manual proxy configuration to using port 3128 then tick use this proxy server for all protocols. As this isn’t fully supported by IT Services you may find you have issues with certain Edge Hill intranet sites which don’t recognise you as an internal visitor. Currently I would recommend staying with Firefox 2 in work and only downloading 3 to your home computer. IT Services will be looking to upgrade staff and students to the latest version once we are able to secure it for use on our network.

3 thoughts on “Firefox 3 – release later today!

  1. AARRRGH Firefox 3 is driving me daft! It doesn’t seem to like Adobe reader. It will open a PDF fine, but then everytime I close a PDF it hangs. I have been looking on the Mozilla support forums, and there does seem to be a few problems along these lines.

    Also Firefox doesn’t like our library catalogue when accessing digitised material via LDAP login. You have to create an exception to get around this, which I’m not sure any students using Firefox would be happy doing?

    I’m presuming the university as a whole does not support students using Firefox, but it would be nice if we could give them an idea how to get round these problems.

  2. Hi Ruth, I’ll pop round at some point and take a look. It could be the version of the Adobe Acrobat plugin you have as mine seems to be running fine. As for the library catalogue I’ve found out that the new security features in firefox don’t like the way we are linking out to refworks and other resources ( using a address to point to an external resource is messy in terms of certification and firefox is warning that it could be a phishing ploy ). I’ve mentioned the problem to Paul Cheeseman and he will have a look but we might have to make changes to how the linking works as internet explorer 8 will probably give the same errors.

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