Firefox 3 – Download day coming soon

With the impending release of the new Mozilla Firefox 3 web browser there is a unique opportunity being presented. Mozilla have been in contact with Guinness World Records and are looking to set a new world record for the most downloads of a software application in a 24 hour period. They have recently started a massive online campaign to promote the browser and try and get as many users as possible ready for the big day. I’ve long been a fan of Firefox and I thought I would do my bit by giving it a plug here.

I’ve been using the release candidate of Firefox 3 for a while now and I’m very impressed. There are loads of improvements from the initial look of the browser to a redesign of the bookmarks system and all sorts of other changes. Even from this pre-release version I can say that it will without a doubt be my favourite browser and I hope everyone who uses it currently will upgrade (and more importantly that anyone who hasn’t tried it yet will take this chance to give it a go).

firefox 3 small

No firm date is set for the release at this stage but Mozilla expect a date in the middle of June. So get yourself over to the Spread Firefox record site and join the 800,000 already signed up for release. Enter your details and you will be emailed the day it’s released and can take part in helping to set a new world record.

Download Day - English

8 thoughts on “Firefox 3 – Download day coming soon

  1. Sending this to you via Firefox 3 beta which I’ve been using for a while now. Agree that it’s an excellent interface, especially on the Mac.

  2. Also been using the beta versions of Firefox 3 and find it to be quick, and secure. I have to disagree with the interface which is far from perfect and did present anything new or exciting but a shift around and some features copied from IE7.

    All in all i would give it 7/10 with security and speed still beating IE7 and the customization features are still great. All in all a good piece of software.

  3. I remember trying an early beta and there was no ‘home’ button present on the tool bar, but now it seems from your screen shot it has returned! I’ll more than likely move from my trusty 2 to 3 when its released.

  4. I much prefer thge Firefox interface and use it on my home machines. As far as I can make out, I cannot install anything on my SUN machine, so does anyone know if it will be made available by IT services?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.

    In regard to the Sun Rays IT Services will have to install it on the Terminal Servers ourselves and everyone will get it then. We will probably have to wait a few weeks (until there is an updated version of the admin kit we use to configure firefox for our network) before we can deploy it. I’m hoping to have it on every staff and student computer by September!

  6. Hi Phil, I’ve been using the CCK wizard to make an addon that customises the firefox install and locks it down to our settings. I’m not familiar with anything from Cardiff, pass me a link if you have one please.

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