Go.talk Instant Messenger

As I mentioned in a previous post we are currently working on an Instant Messaging solution for our staff and students based on Jabber. That last post got a lot of attention and I’ve had people asking how we are progressing so I decided to post and update.

One of our main objectives with rolling out an IM program was to integrate the functionality as much as possible with the new Go Portal. Our webteam have now added a jabber client to the portal so that staff and students can use the IM system from anywhere with internet access. While this has been going on we have also been looking into a desktop client for the computers on campus. In my earlier post I talked about using the Spark client and I’m pleased to say that we have finished our client customisation and we will be releasing it on our network under the brand name go.talk shortly! Here is a screenshot of our finished client front end.


Colleagues have already started installing the client on new student desktops and we will be putting it on all new staff computers. If everything goes to plan then a network installer should be available to all staff fairly soon and we will put out an email to tell everyone how to go about installing it.

I’d also like to pop in a brief note to say that we are continuing with our wireless network expansion plans with cabling work taking place in Forest Court this week. Welcome Sunday is less than a week away now and we are working hard to try and get as much as possible done before the start of term.