If I never see another network cable, it will be too soon!

I seem to have spent the best part of the last fortnight over in the LINC building for one reason or another. It all started over a hardware failure in part of the main network switch for that building. This is a fairly rare occurrence (luckily!) and resulted in some significant disruption for the service in the LINC. In the first instance we had to move nearly all staff computers over to some spare switches that were fitted as a temporary work around. Our suppliers were excellent and had some replacement parts with us very quickly and our network manager was able to get the switch up and running again.

Despite this we still had teething troubles for a few days as a result of the chaos caused by the emergency repatching so last week we set aside an evening to totally re-patch the entire building. It took three of us working till after 9pm with the building totally empty to get it all done. Even then we had to spend time the next morning mopping up the odd faulty cable or printer plugged into the wrong port. I can’t really describe what was involved in getting this done so I think I’ll take the easy way out and show some pictures (worth a thousand words?).

Here is a shot after we had unplugged everything from the switches:
Linc Before

This is how it looked after we had plugged everything back in! To give you an idea this is consider to be quite tidy by patch room standards! :
Linc After

Hopefully that is the problem all done with and everything seemed back to normal on Friday. You can’t really predict these sort of problems but instead have to try and take them in your stride. To me the most important thing was maintaining some sort of service for all of our staff members in the building and their patience with myself and my team mates during this massive disruption is a real credit to everyone there.

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