Going green with Windows Vista

A lot of people have asked me about our plans for Windows Vista and as Derrick mentioned in his first post the reply is “not yet!”. There are some pretty good reasons for an institution to consider the upgrade: improved security, better system performance, availability of new applications and features. All of those are pretty good reasons to consider upgrading but I happened upon another new reason this morning. It turns out Microsoft have been getting a bit greener and trying to make Vista not only user friendly but environmentally friendly too!

There is a white paper available and more on the subject from Microsoft’s Technet site It’s a rather heavy read but luckily one of their bloggers has cut out the interesting bits for us:

With Vista running in your business (and at home) you can help save energy and also money! With Vista installed you will:

* Reduce the carbon dioxide generated by an organisation, equal to 45 tonnes per year for a business with 200 desktop PCs.
* Deliver savings on energy bills of up to £46 per desktop PC per year.

Those figures are quite significant when you consider the thousands of computers that we have running around the campus. Maybe next time when someone asks me why we should upgrade to Vista that will be the first reason I come out with.

Source: James Senior

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