About Me

Tariq Ahmed

BA (Hons) Dance

Describe Edge Hill University in three words: Inspiring. Life-changing. Fun.

“From the moment I arrived for my BA (Hons) Dance audition I knew that Edge Hill University was the right place for me. With its amazing facilities, friendly atmosphere and a team of supportive lecturers I’d say I didn’t really choose Edge Hill, Edge Hill chose me! No matter what course you study as soon as you step onto campus it feels like home and as if you are part of one big family.

As I enjoy my time at Edge Hill so much I decided to become a student blogger. It’s such a fantastic university and I love writing about life here, the events that are taking place, what’s happening on my course and other relevant information that I think future students might want to know. I am constantly encouraging lots of my friends back home to come and study here too.

At the moment I am also training for a charity climb up Mount Kilimanjaro which will be such an incredible and life-changing opportunity for me. I have also recently been successful in acquiring a job as an Arts Support Manager in Southampton once I graduate, so the knowledge and skills I have acquired at Edge Hill are already starting to pay off.”

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