This is goodbye

Well the time has come to say good bye and hand over my blog. Its been a great year blogging for Edge Hill and I feel that I have been able to share some really interesting stories with my followers.

My time at Edge Hill has been emotional, educational and most importantly has turned me into the well rounded man I hope I am today. I have so much to thank Edge Hill for and its been a honour to leave Edge Hill and tell people yeah thats right I went to Edge Hill.

I hope you all have enjoyed my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Now I have left Edge Hill I have recently just moved to Nothamptonshire to start my new job at a children’s centre. I truely believe you can be anything you want to be and I wish you all luck in your studies at Edge Hill, aim high and I am sure you can achieve anything you wish for. If anyone would like to keep in touch to share your own stories from Edge Hill you can add me on facebook and follow me on twitter:

Facebook: Tariq Daniel Ahmed

Twitter: tariqdaniel

See you around and good luck

Tariq xxx

Edge Hill Facebook Page

Hey everyone I bet you are all excited now after making your decisions and confirming your places. Its all exciting and I can imagine you are all saving and buying the last few bits and bobs for when you leave to move to uni on Welcome Sunday.

Just a heads up if you havent already then you should all like the Edge Hill facebook page, it is filled with really interesting posts about the goings on at Edge Hill and has loads of pictures that can give you a great insight into life at Edge Hill. Here is the link:

I hope you are all mentally and physically prepared for commencing your studies at Edge Hill as you are about the embark on the most rewarding but challenging experience of your life and throughout your studies you will go through a whirl wind of emotions but it all is worth it when you leave Edge Hill with the best possible grade you can achieve.

Good Luck everyone and if you have any questions get in touch…

Graduation Next Week…

So excited its Graduation next week. The 3 years of hard work can finally pay off and the point at which my award is bestowed and a day to celebrate my achievement. I get to bring all my family to uni to celebrate with me too.

Edge Hill graduates are people who make a difference in their chosen careers, and all of us (Governors, staff, current and future students) wish you every success in the future. I look forward to seeing you at your ceremony.

Dr John Cater Vice-Chancellor



Olympians on campus

Athletes competing in this summer’s Olympics have arrived on Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk campus to start an intensive training regime in preparation for the Games.

Edge Hill is one of only 3 universities in the north west to be hosting the pre games training, and just shows how the rep of Edge Hill just keeps growing!

While on campus the sportspeople will make full use of University’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the running track, sports therapy clinic, the biomechanics labs, the gym, Student Hub and halls of residences.

It is the second time that swimmer Debra Daniel, 21, will be competing in the Olympics in the 50m freestyle. She said: “It’s beautiful here and I can’t wait to start training and learning new techniques. Back at home we don’t have a pool so I’m used to training in the ocean or the rivers, so this will be different for me again – it will be very modern. The last time I competed it was an amazing experience, we were treated like stars and I loved it. This time, for me I want to make sure I beat my own personal best.”

Be assured if the facilities on campus are good enough for Olympic athletes then you can be confident that your degree training is going to be in the best place you can imagine!

Open Days

So if you coming to Edge Hill this September why not come to an open day to really get a feel for Edge Hill?

Open day’s are a great opportunity to view the cutting edge resources and state-of-the-art facilities across the university’s stunning Ormskirk campus, tour the new ultra-modern accommodation in Founders and Graduates Court, and see the many contemporary spaces available to study, socialise and relax.

If your just to excited and cant wait till september then use this as a excuse to have a little visit!

The open event takes place on Saturday 18 August from 10am-3pm with 40-minute guided campus tours departing at 20 minute intervals throughout the day.

If you have any questions about this open event, please call the Course Information, Advice and Guidance Team on 01695 657000 or email

Managing with the work load

So one of my friends who starts Edge Hill in September today asked me about the transition from college to university in terms of the work and how to manage it. So I though that it might be useful to write up a blog about this to let you no what its like.

The work load at degree level is obviously greater then that of A level, and when I first started it was a shock to the system but dont worry to much as the lecturers  are really supportive and guide you through so you feel confident with what you are doing.

As a guide and from my experience of how I managed my studies this is approximately the hours I tried to follow:

  • About one hour for each lecture you have, to go over and clarify your notes.
  • A couple of hours each week to prepare for tutorials although tutorials dont happen every week so this is only on certain weeks and some courses may not have them so this is personal to performing arts studnets.
  • A minimum of five hours should be set aside at the week-end to do some reading your book list will be sent out to you. I would recommend reading as much as possible from the moment you get it as it saves you a lot of time and when the moment comes where you need a quote for an essay you will be thankful you did your reading.
  • Finally, don’t forget to set aside some (but not too much) time to relax. A high stress level rarely induces good work. Its really important to make sure you relax and have “you time” at university, the initial shock of moving away from home can sometimes take a while to kick in but just think of the feeling and how proud you will feel at the end when you graduate, how proud your family will be that always kept me going.

Try to take advantage of what free time you do have to the full and most importantly ENJOY! 😀 Hope this helps and remember this is just from my experience and everyone’s experience is different. Anymore questions please do ask I dont bite (hard) 😉 xx

My University Profile

Today I am having one of those days where I miss university very much! haha I am not going to lie it was the best experience of my life and I wouldnt change anything at all.

Edge Hill offer you so much when you study there and the support and facilities are just amazing.

As I said in my profile I didn’t really choose Edge Hill it choose me and I stand by this still, the opportunities are never ending and Edge Hill is becoming one of those places that when people ask what university you go to and you tell them Edge Hill they say wow!

In this time where you are preparing to come to Edge Hill its very exciting but dont forget the little things that you might not think about.

First make sure you set up that Student Bank account with that all important interest free overdraft. I would recommend Nat West they also offer you a Young Persons Railcard which trust me saves you hundreds!