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Hey everyone I bet you are all excited now after making your decisions and confirming your places. Its all exciting and I can imagine you are all saving and buying the last few bits and bobs for when you leave to move to uni on Welcome Sunday.

Just a heads up if you havent already then you should all like the Edge Hill facebook page, it is filled with really interesting posts about the goings on at Edge Hill and has loads of pictures that can give you a great insight into life at Edge Hill. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/edgehilluniversity

I hope you are all mentally and physically prepared for commencing your studies at Edge Hill as you are about the embark on the most rewarding but challenging experience of your life and throughout your studies you will go through a whirl wind of emotions but it all is worth it when you leave Edge Hill with the best possible grade you can achieve.

Good Luck everyone and if you have any questions get in touch…

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