Managing with the work load

So one of my friends who starts Edge Hill in September today asked me about the transition from college to university in terms of the work and how to manage it. So I though that it might be useful to write up a blog about this to let you no what its like.

The work load at degree level is obviously greater then that of A level, and when I first started it was a shock to the system but dont worry to much as the lecturers  are really supportive and guide you through so you feel confident with what you are doing.

As a guide and from my experience of how I managed my studies this is approximately the hours I tried to follow:

  • About one hour for each lecture you have, to go over and clarify your notes.
  • A couple of hours each week to prepare for tutorials although tutorials dont happen every week so this is only on certain weeks and some courses may not have them so this is personal to performing arts studnets.
  • A minimum of five hours should be set aside at the week-end to do some reading your book list will be sent out to you. I would recommend reading as much as possible from the moment you get it as it saves you a lot of time and when the moment comes where you need a quote for an essay you will be thankful you did your reading.
  • Finally, don’t forget to set aside some (but not too much) time to relax. A high stress level rarely induces good work. Its really important to make sure you relax and have “you time” at university, the initial shock of moving away from home can sometimes take a while to kick in but just think of the feeling and how proud you will feel at the end when you graduate, how proud your family will be that always kept me going.

Try to take advantage of what free time you do have to the full and most importantly ENJOY! 😀 Hope this helps and remember this is just from my experience and everyone’s experience is different. Anymore questions please do ask I dont bite (hard) 😉 xx

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