Burscough Priory School year 7 pupils visit the Faculty of Education for a raising aspirations day

The Schools’ University is working collaboratively with schools and their communities, to promote excellence and actively drive up and realise the aspirations of children, young people and their families. Our Inclusive ethos is shaped by recognising, rewarding and celebrating creative, innovative and meaningful activities which provide vital opportunities for children and young people to flourish across the many pathways they follow in their personal and public lives. A recent trip to Edge Hill University by Burscough Priory School offered year 7 pupils the opportunity to become familiar with the campus and partake in lots of great activities. Following a tour of the campus they tried their hand with technology using the voting system to answer a quiz about land marks they had seen, then there was an interactive presentation on progression routes into Higher Education, role models and popular culture and life as a student. These were delivered by former trainee teachers, current students, learning services and careers. The positive feedback included:

‘Today has been very useful because it has taught us that we can achieve anything!’

‘Really inspired me and encouraged me with my career choice.’

‘Inspired me to come to University and it was really good fun.’

We know that intervening early and working closely and creatively with schools to forge effective and productive links can support the aspirations of ALL children and their communities to reach their potential. Open the following link for a flavour of the day:



Schools’ University Leadership Award Ceremony

7th of March 2013 marked the first Edge Hill Schools’ University Leadership Award Ceremony where the leadership of  56 students from Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning (HASCL) was officially recognised.  A total of 180 student leaders, parents, Edge Hill staff, Knowsley councillors, local Navy Cadets and HASCL staff attended the ceremony that was held at HASCL.

The student leaders were addressed by Dr Vicky Duckworth and Associate Dean Dr Peter Townley whose enlightening speeches set many young minds reflecting on the meaning of leadership. The award presentation took centre stage thereafter with student leaders receiving their certificate from Dr Duckworth. HASCL students can achieve leadership recognition at bronze, silver, gold, platinum and University Colours level.  Once they have achieved bronze level, students get awarded with a leadership tie and are encouraged to aim for the next level.  For each level of recognition, students need to engage successfully in a range of leadership activities as suggested in their Schools’ University leadership passport.

The night was not just an awards presentation. There were glimpses of excitement as the audience watched the video of the student leaders expressing their various contributions to the community to Rhianna’s “Shine bright like a diamond” tune.     Two Year 8 students also eloquently recited Rudyard Kipling’s famous leadership poem “IF” whilst another two students shared with the audience their interpretation of the Dalai Lama’s “Instructions for life”.

It was truly a special night for these students who have put in much time and efforts in developing their leadership skills. Congratulations to all the award recipients!



Schools' University Leadership Award Evening

56 Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning students have distinguished themselves in the area of leadership