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Windows Phone Camp

Microsoft are visiting Edge Hill on 16 May to deliver a Windows Phone Camp. This event should be of particular interest for anyone who wishes to further develop their skills in understanding and creating mobile apps. Ideally you will need to feel comfortable writing code as the aim of the camp is to get developers creating apps for the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The session usually runs for 4 hours. The first half is much like a lecture (to run in B001), where one of their team will run through:

– Windows Phone API
– Visual Studio
– App templates
– Windows Phone Marketplace

The second half (in CMIST1 and 4) is an informal coding session where students can continue with what they have started or make a start on developing apps themselves. Microsoft will provide refreshments during the event.

We need as many students as possible to attend the event (and to fill the labs in the second half)

The event is free, and three attendees will win Nokia Windows Phones during the event.

If you would like to attend (or know of students who may benefit, or would attend this session), please visit http://edgehillphonecamp.eventbrite.com/ to book your place.