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I’m back!

I’m back! Did you miss me? Truth be told you probably didn’t even realise I was gone.

Having been off work for the past few weeks poorly, I have felt like someone hit a big old pause button. I went from being really busy to suddenly doing absolutely nothing – truth be told I hated it. I am the sort of person who loves to be on the go, constantly occupied and finds it hard to sit still for five minutes.

However, it did make me realise something…. that the most important person is me! Now I’m not trying to say that I am more important than you (well I am but not in a mean way). I have learnt that when it comes to life you have to put yourself first and I need to start doing that more. To be honest most people probably need to give themselves more me time.

A few things I have found really useful for looking after me are:

  • Food! Don’t sit on the sofa with a massive bar of chocolate and demolish it every night (maybe once a week!). Do make sure you are eating at least three meals a day. As soon as you skip a meal your body starts to struggle as you won’t have enough energy. You’ll feel even more lousy and lack concentration. So eat!
  • Duvet Days – Who doesn’t enjoy a duvet day?! Sometimes these are needed on your own, but it’s also nice to have a duvet day with your friends. Get some good films, easy food (pizzas, chips, fruit) and just enjoy relaxing! Don’t have time for a whole day? Try at least a few hours each week.
  • Wash! Now this sounds like a strange one, but I often feel better (or even just refreshed) after a good shower. When you’re not feeling great use a ‘posh’ shower gel! I was bought ‘It’s raining Men’ Lush Shower Gel for my birthday and it makes me feel so much better on those tougher days. Make sure you get up and have a shower or a bath, even if you plan on going back to bed – at least then you can say you have done something today!
  • Switch off! It’s really healthy to try blackout at least once a week. Blackout means you turn all modes of communication off (so mobiles off not just on silent, computers off etc.). You could do this for an evening and instead build a den, eat marshmallows and watch that film you’ve been eager to see or start reading that book you keep meaning to pick up.

Whatever you do make sure you make some me time this week.

Tam x