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“The book of love”

It’s been a busy first month in the job! I can’t believe it’s only been a month! We finished our training and managed to meet a lot (but no where near all!) of the staff we will be working with this year!

This week, your VP Health Thomas and I began work on the EHSU ♥ Consent campaign which is due to launch in Freshers’ week! More on this in a future blog, but if you fancy getting involved in this, or any other campaign just drop me an email or come to the office and say ‘Hi!’

One of my proudest achievements thus far is the unveiling of our community bookcase. The idea came from a meeting in the Business School where President Kayley & I saw some books ‘Free to a good home’. We wanted to make a place where any student, or staff member could come and pick up old text books or pre-loved novels for free. The idea is that people donate old books, that can be enjoyed by someone else, thus recycling (even the bookcase has been lovingly donated by Directorate!) and giving people a chance to discover a new favourite author. It’s open and ready now and can be found at the top of the Hub, across the bridge, right where the SU offices are!


Modelling the bookcase like Daisy Lowe. Sort of.

Finally, a big focus has been on the General Election in May and how important it is for students to vote so their voices are heard! This year, you need to re-register to vote online, even if you’ve voted in the past. So, you’re on a computer now, why not click the link and it takes less than 5 minutes to register!


Have a great week, & I’ll update you soon!


Ps. Well done to Kyle Hughes for correctly guessing The Zombies as the artist for the title of the last blog, anyone have any ideas for this one? Tweet me!

Could you be the next Vice President Arts and Sciences?

I am coming to end of my year as Vice President for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and very soon it will be time for students to vote on who should take over the role next year!

It’s time to ask yourself the question. Could it be you?

It’s a great chance for you to take on an amazing opportunity to make a huge difference to students at Edge Hill!

The three Vice President roles and the position on Union President are all full time and come with a salary of around £15,000 for those elected into the posts.

Nominations close on Wednesday 29th February at 12:00pm, late nominations will not be accepted under any circumstances!

If you’re interested in standing or want to find out more then you can e-mail me at suvpfas@edgehill.ac.uk

You can also find out more on our website wwww.edgehillsu.org.uk where you will be also find the downloadable nominations form and manifesto template.

Getting elected as a Student’ Union Sabbatical officer  is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and as well as being a great experience, it gives you a fantastic platform to be active in making change for students as well as developing new skills that can be used in future jobs or careers!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!