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The blog roll…

So, it has been a busy old few weeks living the high life that comes with Vice-President territory, from underwhelming buffets, to meetings where one learns to sleep with their eyes open, to cups of tea with lovely Edge Hill students to hosting SPEAK: A Student-Led Lecture Series to playing table football with the new Bishop of Liverpool.

On Thursday, Edge Hill University was visited by the new Bishop of Liverpool, The Right Reverend Paul Bayes. Along with the lovely chaplaincy team, I had the pleasure to deliver a campus tour for the Bishop in difficult weather conditions. Put it this way, I haven’t experienced that much wind since I had that Jalfrezzi from Terry’s Balti House in Blackpool. Bishop Paul Bayes was a real treat to chat to and spend some time with and it was a pleasure to be entirely defeated by him in a game of table football in your Students’ Union Bar, even if such a harrowing loss was not listed on the tour agenda.

Later that evening, Edge Hill University played host to SPEAK, its first ever student-led lecture series. I had this idea a little while ago and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for students to essentially come together and share their unique research, ideas and perspectives on life, society and a variety of subjects in front of an audience, inclusive of academic staff, family, friends and peers.

There were three speakers on the night, the tremendously articulate Alex Prestage who talked about drag culture, the fabulously bespoke Codie Austin who discussed irritable bowel syndrome and my mildly competent self who lectured on mental health amongst stand-up comedians. Professor Mark Schofield, Dean of Learning and Teaching was in attendance and delivered a warm welcome and encouraging opening speech and a concluding plenary, eloquently tying all the ideas discussed together and rounding it off with his own perspectives.

This event was a treat to organise and host for such a supportive and friendly audience. The next lecture in the series will be held on the 29th January 2015 and we already have one speaker lined up, if you wish to fulfil the remaining two slots then feel free to contact myself at

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thomas X



Thomas here, one of your Students’ Union sabbatical officers, specifically Vice-President Faculty of Health and Social Care.

So, we are approaching the end of Freshers’ Week and well, I am tired. On Sunday, a mass of new students descended upon our campus, most likely excited and nervous in equal measure. It has been lovely meeting you all, talking to you all and well, telling you where the toilets are at least six times a night in The Quad.

There has been and still is lots of wonderful activities coming this week, so far we have had the Freshers’ Launch Party, the Liverpool Takeover, a jam-packed Freshers Fair and an incredible DJ set from Kristian Nairn (aka Hodor) who is so tall he was clearly born in a greenhouse. Last night we had the UV Paint Party with Judge Jules and yet to come is the Top Banana Comedy Club tonight and Radio One’s Danny Howard at Sundays Freshers’ Finale.

Our job here at Edge Hill Students’ Union is to ensure that you have the best student experience possible and our aim is to make students’ lives better through a variety of ways, methods and generally in any way we can. If you ever see us out and about, come and grab us, we will talk to anyone about anything! Plans for this year consist of the EHSU Heart Consent campaign, World Mental Health Day, Halloween and Reverse Trick or Treating, HUB Sleepovers, Coppafeel Week, Liberations Elections and Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week, including the return of Edge Hill’s Fake Me Out!

We hope you are all settling in nicely and enjoying all the fun of the fair that is Freshers’ Week 2014, we allare

Ps. I hasten to add that it has been a pleasure to spend considerable amounts of my evenings telling you all where the toilets are.

5 ways to study better and achieve higher!

Welcome back and Happy New Year to everybody!!

It’s January and back to reality for most of us. Especially with exam dates and assignment deadlines rearing up and kicking us right in the kisser! But fret not! There are ways to make this whole process run a lot smoother and hopefully reduce the stress you’re putting your body and mind through!!

Just follow these 5 simple tips;

1. Study (or write assignments) after exercise

Ok, Ok. We’re not all fitness buffs and I especially don’t have the body of an Adonis. However, you don’t have to be at the peak of physical fitness for this tip to have an impact on your academic performance.
Studies show that exercise before study can increase your concentration levels as well as your ability to process information. This can also have the added benefit of decreasing stress levels! Bonus!

2. Choose the right time to study

This one is pretty straight forward. Some people find it easier to study/work first thing in the morning whilst others find it easier the later it gets at night. Either way is ok, just find the right time of the day for you to study and stick to it! You’ll be amazed by the difference!

3. Study in groups

OK, this might not work for everyone, but I personally found this to be one hell of a good way to learn the difficult stuff!! In our revision sessions we would fire out the hardest questions we could think of and try to catch each other out. If you have a natural affinity for healthy competition then this is a fantastic way to learn on the quick! We all knew the anatomy and physiology of the human body inside out whilst most others were still getting to grips with the basics!

4. Stay hydrated

This is the obvious one! So obvious that most of us put it out of our minds and concentrate on the more complicated methods. It’s no secret that a hydrated mind will perform a lot better than a neglected one! You should drink plenty of water and it also might be a good idea to cut down on diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine during exam periods.

5. Don’t over-do it

Ok, don’t neglect your studies, but don’t do too much at once either! The longer you go at it the more tired you’ll become and your concentration levels and processing ability will drop off. Make a schedule that allows your mind to rest between study sessions and keep to it. A rested mind will perform better!

Hope you all manage to keep on top of things. Much love.


Students with Caring Responsibilities

Hi Guys, Christian here from the SU.

I’d just like to thank everybody who has been involved with the work we are doing with the university, exploring the possibilities of establishing a policy to support Students with Caring Responsibilities.

We have had a fantastic response from carers to our survey ( and had some great input to our coffee morning last Friday. The feedback we have had will go a long way in helping us to understand the barriers you face in education and the support we can put in place to help you during your studies.

Our next step is to sit down as a group, look over our feedback and discuss what should and should not make up the policy. To do this we are looking for up to 4 students to be involved in the discussion. If you are already being well supported or have an opinion on what else could be done then we need YOU and YOUR expertise!!

The working group will look to take place at the beginning of January 2014. If you would like to be involved then please get in touch via email. You can contact me directly on

It’s great to see so many active students this year! We can really make a difference with this!!

Awesomeness in T-Minus 11 days!

Ok so this is my first blog on here, I’ll try to keep it concise. If that fails at least you have something to help you sleep tonight!

I’ll start with a little bio;

Name: Christian Mitsiaras

Age: 27

Role: Students Union, Vice President Faculty of Health and Social Care

Past Course: Pre-reg Mental Health Nursing (finishing this month!)

Ok so that is a very brief overview of who I am. Hopefully I’ll meet as many of you guys as I can and get to know you all properly in person.

This year is (hopefully) going to be fast and furious! There is a lot going on and it promises to be one of the most exciting years to date at Edge Hill University!

For a starter, Freshers Week looks amazing! As well as the much anticipated Liverpool Takeover night in the brand new Aura night (get your tickets soon as they are flying out!), we have the chart topping Naughty Boy coming in as well as Radio One DJ Danny Howard coming to do a set! I don’t think there has ever been a better line up at Edge Hill University Freshers….ever!

Other than this we have a lot of ideas for events and campaigns running throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be updating you on what’s going on through blogs and social media throughout the year.

See the full line up for Freshers and get your tickets here:

Also, you can get in touch with us at your Students’ Union through see links;

Important news for nursing, midwifery and ODP students

Some great news for nurses, midwives and ODP students.

NHS BSA has introduced a new 0300 number which will only be charged at local rate as oppose to the high cost of telephoning the call centre you used to have to ring.  From now on use 0300 330 1345 when calling about your bursary payments and applications for funding as it will much cheaper.

Also if you are on a nursing, midwifery or ODP course you no longer need to wait for an invitation to apply for your bursary funding.  The NHS BSA will now accept online applications when you are ready to apply.

If you are an April starter make sure you reapply for your funding now, the earlier the better!

Best wishes
01695 657308


Well, October has flown past so I guess most people are well into their programs of study some ready to go out into placement. For those new health students I know how daunting the prospect of going into placement can be. Best advice I can give is take a little pocket notebook any questions you have and get answers for jot them in, it helps it really does. I hope those going out have a great placement whether you’re new or an old hand I wish you the best of luck in placement.
So a run down on what I’ve been doing, firstly we had the first induction training for course reps which was positive and I was glad to see so many turned up so big thanks for those who did, and for those whose names I have confirmed for attendance I look forward to putting names to faces.
I’m looking at creating an access help point so anyone with any ideas of things you think it should contain please do drop me an email.
I have also been to Manchester a number of times which has been ‘interesting’. Got to meet the lovely ODP and Paramedic students at Armstrong house, which was great and look forward to a more positive interaction between them and the students’ union.
We, that is myself and the two other VP’s from education and Arts and sciences attended the NUS conference which was really interesting, I hope it inspires some productive work regarding student’s retention and belonging. So I guess I’m going to finish by asking you ‘what makes you feel like you belong’ to this university?
Take care till next time, keep safe and healthy whilst on placement. Sian

These last few weeks

Well quick update as some may have seen I have been absent yet again…not on holiday alas….. but I have been on Jury service and that has now finished for anyone who gets called to do it as your public duty its very interesting but can be quite stressful I think as Health and Social Care students you are taught to act impartially and be non judgemental in your approach to patients and these skills indeed come in handy. Anyway I will be back in the office on monday morning and hope to be rolling out the new training program for new and re-elected course reps. Its going to fun and interactive. I hope you are all well and for the newbies enjoying your course and those that are returned for years 2 and 3 are continuing to strive to achieve your goals… as always i am here to represent you so any problems please email fb tweet or call in and see me at the SU and remember the SU have lots of societies, community projects and things to do that you can be involved in.



Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to my first blog as Vice president of the faculty of health and social care. Here’s a little about me I have just completed a three year degree programme in Adult nursing and during my time on the course I was a student rep. I decided to run for elections as I quite like helping people and ensuring that students have the best experience possible. I am a mature student and I am a married mother of four so I know the complexities of studying a full time degree with placements and a family and a job. It’s not easy but with a bit of determination and good support you will achieve all you set out to.

So what can you expect from me, well firstly I am here for you I can direct you to appropriate services such as if you need impartial advice or guidance we have an excellent team here in the students union. I will help with your training should you decide to become a course rep and in general help you take forward any ideas or suggestions you have that you think can make a difference to the student experience. I will represent you in any matters appropriate to your course.

I would like to see more student participation from our faculty and across all the courses offered by the FOH&SC and look forward to being accessible and communicative with you all.

So for those new students welcome and enjoy fresher’s week, lots of exciting events planned for the evening let’s hope the weather improves. For those returning students welcome back and don’t forget call in let us know who you are, the students union is up on the 1st floor of the hub and our doors are well and truly open. Sian

Voting closes SOON

Hi All!!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends, and preparing for the joys of a Monday morning. I do agree that it is one of the hardest days of the week. I never normally blog at the weekend, but as I know tomorrow is going to be a very busy day in the office with meetings I thought I would.


As Colin said in his blog on Friday there have been more votes in this years elections in two and a half days than were cast in 2011s election last year. However, I think we can double last years turn out and show the next set of sabbatical officers how much support they have to bring about change. I think one of the things I like the most about attending Edge Hill and being a sabbatical here is the community feel. Edge Hill is like a family, and when your family needs you – you are there to help.


So if you have a read of the candidates manifestos at , the candidates videos have now also being uploaded so have a watch of them too. Have your say in the sabbatical team for next year! Voting closes in 2 days and not many hours….


As I write this, I am thinking about how far the union has come this year to develop the new positions. There has never really been before any interaction with the Health Faculty or Education. The union can only continue to go from strength to strength.


I have another busy week this week.. I have two developmental enquires to attend tomorrow on placements and technology enhanced learning. They will be interesting topics to discuss and ensure your needs are being met on.


As always contact details below…


Until next week


Nat x


01695 657309