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A Look Back At October

Hey everyone

I hope this blog finds you all well, despite the heavy spells of hailstones we keep getting here at the Ormskirk campus. It’s been almost a month since my last blog, so I thought I’d give you as briefer update as possible, on some of the things I (and we here at the SU) have been up to since the beginning of October.

Not long after my last blog I went with some senior members of staff in the University to visit both Chester and Lancaster University’s respective libraries. This is part of a group I am on which is looking at how we can improve the current Edge Hill library (Ormskirk) and what we should be considering if a time comes in the future when we come to build a new one. I actually applied to Lancaster University to do Advertising & Marketing after doing my A-Levels and got in, but pulled out at the last minute for a couple of reasons. In the end I took a gap year and ended up coming here instead to do Primary Education, but going back does make you wonder what your life would have been like had you taken a different direction. I wouldn’t be sat here writing this, that’s for sure. As for the libraries themselves, there were some really interesting ideas which will no doubt play a part in some of the group’s recommendations to the University and Learning Services. If you have any thoughts on the current library facilities, then let me know.

The 10th October saw the launch of our Society Development Grant, which offers our societies the opportunity to get financial assistance from the SU for the first time ever. This was something I was keen to bring in when I was elected President, and although only a small pot of money, we have already been able to assist a number of societies in funding some of their activities and equipment etc. Safe to say, quite a lot of my time this month has been spent looking through applications for grants and deliberating with two of our staff members over what we should and shouldn’t fund and for how much etc.

It was around this time that many of our sports teams began their start to the competitive season with fixtures both home and away. One of the issues which has come up since then is the fact that some students are struggling to play sport on a Wednesday, due to lectures timetabled in the afternoon. We are working closely with the various faculties to try and resolve this, but in the meantime we need to know all courses which are affected. If you are on one of them, then get in contact with your name, course, year and the sport you play.

On the 15th October Her Royal Highness Sophie, Countess of Wessex visited the Ormskirk campus to formally open The Student Hub. I’m very proud to say, I was an integral part of that day, meeting her and the Chancellor, Tanya Byron at Chancellor’s Court, introducing them to some students and their halls and then moving on to the SU and standing beside HRH as she was ‘flash-mobbed’ by the excellent HillStart society and the equally fantastic Edge FWD. After this I was very privileged to be invited to the formal dinner which contained only three other members of staff from the University as well as HRH, her dignitaries, the Chair of the Board of Governors and the Chancellor. She genuinely seemed to be interested in the students and impressed by the campus and I’m pleased to say, the day went pretty much according to plan (minus the weather).

At the back end of that week I was equally privileged to be invited to go and visit one of our first year students who unfortunately has been in hospital since a horrific accident in Freshers’ Week. I was very pleased to hear that he had been moved out of the High Dependency Unit, the day after I met him and as a result the member of staff I visited with and I, are claiming his improvement is as a result of our amazing personalities and levels of interesting discussion 🙂 Since our visit it seems the student is making all sorts of progress and I really hope we get to see him around these parts in the not too distant future!

On the entertainment side of things, Cantina, our live music night every Friday in The Venue, continues to grow from strength to strength and as has become a staple part of weekly entertainment in Ormskirk. The Hummingbirds in particular were absolutely fantastic and I got to have a good chat with the boys afterwards; had a couple of tracks from their EPs on repeat since. This Wednesday also saw more SU-action in The Venue with a special Halloween-Themed Clubs & Socs night. Finally last week we had the official launch of the new Arts Centre, which saw a bizarre array of entertainment taking place around campus including speeding, hipster grannies and a frozen zoo.

In other news I’ve been at one of the NUS Zone Conferences this week which took place in Manchester. Some of you may have seen my tweet and facebook message about the hotel I was in, but safe to say, it was pretty plush. 11th floor overlooking the city and surround by suits and posh décor. The actual conference itself got me inspired once again to do more and filled me with ideas of things we could do here at EHSU. The problem is, the moment you get back, you realise how many things you already have on your ‘To Do List’ which puts pay to any great ideas you had quite quickly. As a result I’ve been in full-steam-ahead mode today to try and get stuff done and boxed off so I can get on with some of the things I want to do and that I think will really benefit you as students.

This week also saw the launch of the first issue of this year’s student magazine, Vibe Mag, which is a Halloween Special. It launched on Halloween (funnily enough) and is available at You can also find information here on the other media platforms Vibe operates as well as information on how to get involved.

And that just about brings us up to present day. On the 21st November we will be taking up to 30 students to London as part of the NUS National Demo 2012 campaigning against the rise in tuition fees, high levels of graduate unemployment and to bring the issue of further and higher education back onto the national agenda. If this is something you may be interested in, then you need to let us know pretty sharpish. Demo workshops are taking place from this coming week.

Finally, the library are reviewing their service standards and want them to be prioritised in correlation with the services students feel are most important in the library. Obviously in order to do this, they need to know which services students value most and as a result have asked if we at the SU could give our input but would also like to here from some current and active students too. The discussion is at 11:30am on the 16th November. If you would like to have your say and be involved then you’d be more than welcome. Just let me know 🙂

That’s all from me for now folks. I hope you’re all well, not finding work too hard and enjoying your time at Edge Hill, wherever and however you’re studying. As always, any questions, concerns or ideas, get in contact with me via the communication channels highlighted at the bottom of this blog, or simply pop into the SU and see me on the first floor of The Hub.

Thanks for reading
SU President

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My Speediest Blog Yet… Or Not!

Afternoon everyone

I am currently writing this at 4:39pm with the attempt to have it finished by 5:00pm (good luck with that). So on that notion, I shall try and keep it brief.

Well, early Monday morning saw an end to what had been a crazy (and very long) week and a bit. Safe to say Freshers’ Week was as hectic as always with many things going on around the place. Saturday 22nd saw a visit from our off campus students and those living in Unite halls in Liverpool followed by the arrival of all our new on-campus students on Welcome Sunday. That day also saw my beloved Red Devils beat the Scousers (but the less said about that the better I’m sure, given the local demographic of many of our students) and it brought in the official beginning of Freshers’ Week, with a very busy night on the Sunday evening.

From then we saw crazy paint parties, films, comedy nights, dance performances, silent discos and visits from Beat-A-Maxx, Jameela Jamil, Comedy Dave & Dom and Verne Troyer! Amidst all that we also held what has to be the most successful Freshers’ Fair we’ve ever had with 150 stalls, thousands of students and lots of freebies. I managed to speak to virtually all the sports teams and societies who were present and pretty much every one of them was surprised at just how many students had signed up to their activities.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the University thought it would be a good idea to place my second official Board of Governors meeting on the Monday evening of that week. Safe to say, after what must have been almost 100+ hours in 8-9 days, I was (and still am), well and truly knackered. In fact, much of the office seems to be a little sneezy and sniffly with symptoms of the dreaded Freshers’ Flu!

Moving on from Freshers’ Week, Monday saw the launch of our new Advice & Guidance Centre. This is a real step forward for us an SU because it allows us to offer independent and impartial advice and support on a whole host of topics including academic problems, appeals, complaints, debt, finance, benefits, welfare, accommodation and more, from trained professionals. If you ever need anything, the service is open for appointments 10am-4pm every weekday with drop-ins 10am-12pm on Tues, Weds & Thurs. You can also email them any time at

Excitingly, the back end of this week also sees the first regular ‘on-campus’ SU night for years in ‘Cantina’, a live music event in association with the University Bar & Club, Edge Hill Uni and Liverpool Sound City. Given the connections that Sound City have, the bands really are the best of the best in terms of underground music in Liverpool at the moment and it wouldn’t surprise me to see many of the bands becoming household names over the next few years. You may have seen the slightly bizarre looking posters round campus, but for those that haven’t, the first event is this Friday (5th) and if you go to the event page (see below) and click attending, you can pick up a free ticket from the SU for this week only (regular price £5 or £2 with NUS Extra card).

Cantina Page –
Event –

In other news, we have our Mature Students Coffee Morning tomorrow 10am-1pm. For those who are unsure, a mature student is anybody who started their course at the age of 21 or over. It is on the top floor of The Hub, next to the big screen and will have free coffee and pastries for those attending .

Finally, I’ve spent virtually all today reviewing the Malpractice Regulations which the University and you as students must adhere to, for a review group whose first meeting took place this afternoon. Malpractice covers things such as cheating, collusion and plagiarism. The official review was triggered by us at the SU last year, raising some concerns over the consistency, fairness and potential contradictory nature of the regs. Although this seems horrendously dull it’s actually a big step for us in terms of influencing the rules you are governed and potentially punished by.

I’ve also been continuing to work closely with the IT team on IT provision and learning space around campus. Those of you who have me on facebook or twitter will have seen some of the wins we have secured for you the students already, and I will make sure I blog about this as an individual project, once all the actions have been undertaken.

And as 5:27pm passes by, once again I find myself not leaving at 5pm haha. Not so brief after all.

Many thanks to those of you who have made it to this stage, you really are martyrs and feel free to ask any questions or pop any comments in the section below or via the methods of communications listed.

Best wishes
SU President

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Hello & Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my first (and very short you’ll be glad to hear) blog of the year

To those of you who are visiting this site for the first time as a result of finding you have been accepted into Edge Hill, congratulations and a big welcome to you all. To those of you who are returning, welcome back and I look forward to seeing you all again.

A few things to update on as we move into the new academic year. Continuing the trend of Presidents who don’t seem to be able to leave, last year’s President Colin Gibson was successful in his application for our new role of Development Officer – Communications. This role has been introduced in order to centrally coordinate all our social and physical media as well as hold responsibility for all our student media (radio, magazine, tv). It’s primary aim is to continue to get Edge Hill Students’ Union out there: who we are, what we do and how we can or have helped enhance your student experience.

This isn’t the only new addition to EHSU this summer. This September also sees the launch of our new Advice and Guidance Centre which currently has three new members of staff working within it. This service will provide professional and independent support and advice for students on a whole host of issues including finance, accommodation, academic regulations and welfare.

We are also making changes to the physical layout of our current facilities. They are still undergoing, so I am currently writing this in front of the remnants of an old table which looks more like an unsafe climbing frame than anything else. Nevertheless it should look much more slick and efficient when it’s finished come Freshers’ Week. When you do arrive do come and pop in and see us, whether it’s to ask about something or simply to say hello.

Finally I best introduce you to your all new sabbatical team. Those of you who are returning to Edge Hill may already know me as I was last year’s Vice President Faculty of Education. I am now the President of EHSU and alongside me we have Alex Illingworth (VP Faculty of Education), Sian (that’s See-Ann) Rees (Vice President Faculty of Health & Social Care) and Gareth Dowling (Vice President Faculty of Arts & Sciences). Hopefully if everything goes to plan, you’ll be fed up of seeing and hearing from us come the end of the year 🙂

Anyway I’ll shut up for now because that was longer than expected…

Many thanks for reading
SU President

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HillStart Dance Companies ‘The End of Time’

Hi Guys,

On Monday the SU we’re offered a couple of tickets to go and watch ‘The End of Time’ by HillStart who are one of the societies’s at the SU.

So I went along with Elliott Hodgeon (VP Ed & President elect) and honestly before the event I went because I thought I should go (supporting societies etc) but within minutes of the first performance I was hooked, and the event was one of my highlights as a sabbatical officer, students at this University are so talented, and last night was just further proof of it.

The night started with a production called Loud which set the tone for the whole night perfectly, I’d love to go through and talk about how incredible each performance was, as they were all brilliant but since blogs are supposed to be short I’m just going to talk about two, the first was just after the interval and it was a solo tap dance piece, I wouldn’t describe myself as an ‘arty’ person, or that interested in dance, but it was captivating and incredible to watch and generated a great atmosphere in the Studio Theatre, the other piece was a piece to portray the 3rd years leaving, and it showed how much it meant to each and everyone of them, this wasn’t simply just a dance production but a society in which they had grown up, met friends for life, and had the time of their life.

It added to it all that these people weren’t doing it because they we’re paid but because they had a genuine love for what they we’re doing, I’ll be sure to come back to watch their next production, and I’d recommend it to everyone- even if it’s something you’re not really that ‘into’ just give it a go- you won’t regret it.

Also a mention to Daniel Sature who has been responsible for leading a society from a small group on a Sunday to sold out productions, and has been responsible for training some of the dancers and choreographing many of the dances as well as doing his course, I wasn’t aware of how much he’d contributed to this society or the University in general, but he leaves this year and the place will certainly be worse off without him.



What a week!

Hi Guys,

It’s a funny time at Edge Hill everyone is starting to think what they are doing in the Summer, and final year students are considering what to do with their lives from here on! Only a couple of things this week I want to tell you about,

  • If you want to see the results have a look here, it looks like we have a fantastic team next year which will push the SU on, I have worked with Elliott for a year and I know he will be a great President, there’s nobody I’d prefer to have this role more than him.
  • We more than doubled our election turn out from last year, over 1440 people voted. I have never known / heard about a increase in voting turn out of over a 100% in one single year . Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
  • Finally a lecturer in the business school is trying to get funding for his project, which means his students will directly be able to book time into his diary without him being able to stop them, it needs votes to get approved so please go to and vote! If it proves successful we can push the University to do it on other courses meaning you get more access to your lecturers and tutors!

Thanks everyone,

Until next time,


Students’ Union President.

Let’s see how far we’ve come

Hi Guys,

I’m not about to burst out into a rendition of Matchbox 20 (for anyone that’s ever heard me sing you’ll understand why!) but instead I’m going to have a little boast about how far we’ve come.

  • Last year during elections our website averaged around 80 hits a day, this year its 1700.
  • We didn’t have a student magazine last year or ever before, and now the second issue has had over 6500 hits!
  • Probably the stat I’m most proud of to show how much we have improved is that after 2 and a 1/2 days we’ve already had more votes than the entire of the voting period last year!
  • Last year we entered Green Impact, an award for how Green the SU is, we won working towards accreditation- this year we won Gold, the top award you can win.
  • Candidates! The standard of candidates this year is so much higher than ever before
  • Everything we did in Semester 1 

I could go on more about the increase in travel costs etc, but I have to go! Make sure you keep voting, lets smash the record at Edge Hill and get more than other local SU’s!

Vote @

We’ve come a long long way, but there’s still so much more we can do, so vote to have your say.

Have a good weekend,


SU President (


A big month!

Hi guys,

Today has been crazy, up at 6am to go to Birmingham for the day to a conference called 9000 ways to engage, which wasn;t what I expected or that useful, but it’s always good to know what everybody else around the country is up too, I also like having a little brag at these conferences as we used to get laughed at during these kind of things not so long ago, and now people ask us how to do different things!

I have been back at Edge Hill since 5pm, and now approaching 9pm I am about to go home! Just going to stay to watch what happens at 9am with some media students doing a event for the 9pm Earth Hour ‘Blackout’ (I better rush this blog or I’ll miss it!)

This month is the Students’ Union elections, and you won’t be able to get away from it- it will be everywhere, online, across the Hub, and people will no doubt pester you to get to vote for someone, all I can say is make you do vote, but read the manifestos, think what you want and vote for that person.

I can’t wait, and from a selfish point of view, I want to get more votes cast in the elections than ever before!

Our website has had further work, L39: radio is developing all the time, and on Thursday the second issue of Vibe magazine is out so make sure you have a read at!

Until next time,




Education student? Drive to placement?

Hey guys,

The Students’ Union will now publish a poster (via the TV screens) & a blog every month with one major thing we have achieved for students.

This month I’m going to tell you about a change in the Faculty of Education, which came about as one of the results for the Hidden Fees campaign (more to come!)

Faculty of Education students will now receive 14p per mile travelling to placement, rather than 10p, the additional passenger bonus has dropped however, as you can see below.

Driving on your own= 14p

Driving with 1 passenger= 17p (up from 15p)

Driving with 2 passengers= 20p (no change)

Driving with 3 passengers= 25p (no change)

Make sure the form you submit is with the new rates on, and if you have any further questions email me at

Until next time,


It’s been a while..

It’s been a while, happy New Year!

Apologies for how long its been since my last blog, my late New Year resolution (can I even do that) is to blog more and keep you up to date with whats going on in the Students’ Union and University, it’s been a crazily busy time since getting back from the Christmas break, our website has had another (yes it’s third since I started as VP) and still had a load to be done on it but its looking better! We’ve also been in dialogue with senior University figures around the Hidden Fee’s stuff, and there is some very exciting proposals which would be amazing so watch this space!

What’s been keeping me stuck at my desk for days now though is the launch of our first ever Student Magazine ‘Vibe‘ it’s got content in ranging from dress to impress this Valentines to Barack Obama- Bush the third? so it is very varied, and is looking smart now in its final phases, keep an eye out for its launch on February 1st (it will be hosted on our SU site)

So besides the magazine, Hidden Fees & Website, we’ve also now started to look at undergoing a massive piece of research into what the student body (i.e our members at the SU) want from the SU, and from the result we will try to adapt to match.

One final final thing is for all final year students the Graduation Ball tickets are now on sale from the SU reception at £35 (if you can’t get into the University in the near future give the SU a call and we will sort other arrangements), we’ve responded to customer feedback and managed to get the price down  from last year, and this year it will be at Aintree Racecourse (on the Ormskirk – Liverpool train line) so hopefully transport will be cheaper for you too!

Any questions drop me an email on, and if you want any contact details for any other members of the SU team they are available on

Until next time,