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What’s new?

Anyone else feel like this year is flying by? I can’t believe that it’s almost time for our elections! We’ll soon know who will be taking over this job next year!

We’ve had such a busy month this month! So I thought I’d try and give you a quick (ish) update about what we have been up to and what you can still get involved with!

Like I said before, we’ll soon know who will be doing my job next year! Soon the hub will be plastered in posters, bed sheets, balloons and anything else people can think of! I can’t wait! Elections coming to a union 2x2

If you are interested in standing we have loads going on to help you understand the roles more! For more information check out the – Key dates

Rate Your Landlord

Rate You Landlord will be part of a bigger housing campaign this year so I have been spending quite a bit of time analysing the results and putting together a report. We really want to find out if you found the housing list useful and what the houses are like on the housing list – so if you have any feedback feel free to email me – or message me on Facebook!

Student Led Staff Awards

STLA 800 x 200 pixels

Last year we had over 1000 nominations for staff that go above and beyond! This year we want to beat that! So if you think a particular member of staff should be recognised let us know – nominate them here.
The winners will be announced at graduation ceremonies! We also present the results at the Center for Learning and teaching conference, we hope to share good practice across the university!

SAFE week

Last year I decided to run the first ever Sexual Health week (SHAG week). The week was reasonably successful, but I decided to take the comments on board and make the week way more inclusive this time, starting with a name change!

SAFE week

The week was really successful and I really hope it helped start discussions around love, sex and relationships! We also signed up to the wrapped scheme as part of the week so that free condoms can be accessed from the SU throughout the week.
Although the week was successful there is still much more that needs to be done, I’m hoping to approach the council about the lack of sexual health services in the area.

Annual Members meeting

Amm FB timeline post

Unfortunately our annual members meeting arranged for this week was inquorate so has been rearranged for Monday 23rd of January at 6pm in the Quad!

The Annual Members meeting is a chance for students to ask questions about what we do and vote on motions that people have submitted – motions are basically things that people want the SU to change! We have had 2 motions submitted for Monday’s meeting –

Halal, is it meat you’re looking for? – A motion which will discuss the lack of halal meat options served on campus, in particular the SU bar.

Reconfiguration of the student officer structure? – A motion that looks at changing the roles of the Vice president roles.

The proposed change would mean that next year we would have:
VP Academic representation – who would deal with course issues and represent students on university learning and teaching committees.
VP Welfare – who would deal any issues not relevant to your course and run campaigns to make a difference to students lives.
VP Activities – this would be the key contact for sports, societies and events. They would meet with sports teams and societies on a regular basis and make sure that the improvements that need to be made happen.

So come along challenge these motions and use your vote as a member!


Yes we attend a lot of meetings! But we’ve had a lot of success by attending certain meetings! We are working with FM and the library to improve the accessibility of campus, there will be work taking place over the Easter periods to improve the accessibility.
We have also worked with FM to improve the lighting around campus, and we are looking at how we can improve the car parking.
We’ve also worked with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and are now happy to announce that students will be able to claim back transports costs to placements ‘where the location of the work-related study gives rise to additional travel cost for the students’. Students who are incurring additional costs must submit a green sheet obtainable from finance to their departmental office for their head of department to sign off.

We have also been in discussions about the financial support currently available and how this can be improved for future years, which have looked at interesting alternatives such an enhancement fund that students can apply for to help with employability. We’ve also looked at the hidden costs of university and how we can minimise these costs such as sports kits.

Remember we are always looking for student feedback we can take to these meetings so if you have an issue with your course, tutor, accommodation or anything remotely related to university please let us know so we can help!

Give it a go week!


We are also running our give it a go week next week – 23rd – 28th. This week is for anyone that has been putting off joining that society, or starting that new hobby or for those that just want to try something different! There’s loads going on during the week so come along and get involved! Find out what’s going on here.

I’m so sorry for the long blog! I just wanted to let you all know what we’ve been up to!


Why vote in the General Election?

What goes through your head when someone mentions the general election?
Boring… would have been my response a few years ago, and still is to some extent (some things never change). But now I understand it, and understand the importance of having a vote.

Here are some simple figures that made me understand why more 18-24 year olds need to vote:
In 2010, 75% of people over the age of 65 voted and only 44% of 18-24 year olds voted.  Why does this make a difference? Think about it, why would a political party waste their efforts promising improvements for 18-24 year olds? We don’t vote, we don’t have a say and we won’t be any use in voting them in to power.

Put it this way, if you had a spare ticket to see Beyoncé who would you rather give it to – your best friend who has always supported you or some random person who knows nothing about you? (If you choose the random, you need a new best friend haha).
That’s exactly how politicians work, they make improvements for the people that vote.  People over the age of 65 receive free bus travel, state pension, free tv license, free eye tests, winter fuel allowance and much more.

What do we receive? Massive cuts in youth services, EMA taken away and tuition fees tripled.  If we don’t vote or even register to vote, how can we expect them to make improvements for us? To put it in to context even more – 51 on campus students voted last year in the local elections out of 2000 students.


So if you haven’t already registered – register here If you’re thinking ‘my parents will have already registered me’ it doesn’t work like that anymore. It was changed this year, everyone must now register themselves. You can register at 2 addresses but you can only vote once.  It literally takes 5 minutes and at least then you’ll have the choice to vote (you need your National Insurance number). If that hasn’t persuaded you enough, the council can fine you £80 if you don’t register. We’ll be visiting lectures soon to help you register.

No idea who to vote for? Do some research, choose a party that that you feel represents you and what you believe in. There’s loads of information out there (and no not the random posts on Facebook everyone seems to believe). There are quizzes you can take like this – or this which looks at policies, but they aren’t always 100% accurate. The best way is to find out for yourself, look on their websites and decide for yourself:

Here is a list of the 5 main parties:

For a full list visit:

Bite the ballot also held an hour question time with each of the political leaders where they answered questions raised by 16-24 year olds – check it out here:

If you believe there’s no one worth voting for then you can spoil your ballot paper! It’s better to make a point by spoiling your ballot paper than abstaining from voting.

We’ll also be holding our very own question time nearer to the election so keep checking our website/fb page.


Sorry for the long blog post!

Have a great Christmas everyone! :)

As if it’s only 6 days until Christmas…

I definitely haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, wups.

So this term has been a very busy term, with lots going on… and lots and lots of meetings.

This year the University have set up 4 groups focusing on Assessment and Feedback, Organisation and Management, Student Support and Improving Good degrees. These were set up in response to our feedback and feedback from the NSS results.

I currently sit on both the Assessment and Feedback group and Student Support group. In the assessment and feedback group we interviewed students, programme leaders and heads of departments to ask for their experiences of assessment and feedback. From these interviews we will be making recommendations to academic board – these will be based on the timeliness of feedback, clarity of the grading criteria, and quality of the feedback.

One of the main focuses of the student support group is the personal tutor system, whether it is effective and how it can be improved. So any feedback on that would be appreciated.

Another successful meeting last week was our meeting with the Director of Facilities management. We discussed issues around gender neutral toilets, the accessibility of campus, increasing the number of launderettes on campus, car parking and food choices for students with specific dietary requirements and FM will now be working on overcoming these issues.  We will also be working with some of our disabled students to put together recommendations on how the campus can be made more accessible and presenting this at facilities management team meeting so they can work together to put together an action plan.

A lot of this came from our very successful International Day of Persons with Disabilities which was organised by our disabled students’ officer Shannen. This day challenged the misconceptions around disability, questioned the accessibility of campus and made people think about the struggles that students with physical disabilities have to overcome everyday by closing off the stairs in the hub and encouraging students to take part in a blind football match. This will be part of an ongoing campaign to increase support for disabled students.


Another campaign we are continuing from last year is our Rate you Landlord survey and awards ceremony, this is your opportunity to rate the quality of your accommodation and quality of the service – Rate your landlord here

1470076_816547358387173_412477695033344310_n (1)

We’re hoping that this will help drive the standards of off campus accommodation upwards, and create healthy competition amongst landlords and letting agencies. We may also contact you about negative comments and advise you to come and speak to our advice center to see what support they can offer you.

Anyway, I’ll leave things there for now as I don’t want to overload you with information.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone! And I’ll see you all in the New Year!


It’s almost Freshers!

Hiya everyone,
I’m Kayley Wilson and I’m your Students’ Union President for this academic year.
I feel like I’m having a huge Déjà vu right now, as I’m pretty sure I wrote a blog pretty similar this time last year!

EHSU Sabbs 11

I know this photo is cringey! haha

This is my 2nd year as a sabb, last year I was your Vice President Faculty Education and I loved it. So you may already recognise me! I was also involved with lots of different campaigns last year, many of them I’m hoping to continue this year – SHAG week, Time to Change pledge (Mental Health Awareness), Rate your Landlord, SLSA’s and lots of mini projects alongside.


Signing the Time to Change Pledge last year..

This year we hope to continue many of these campaigns but also run lots more! Some of these will include housing, assessment and feedback,  one world, improving the personal tutor system, sports respects your right and lots more! So if you want to get involved or want to run your own campaign please let us know!

It’s a really exciting and busy time for us at the moment and is going to get even busier! Tomorrow is officially the start of Freshers with a quiz in the bar for off campus students and I’m so excited to meet everyone! This will be my 5th year at Edge Hill and my 5th Freshers week and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the best yet!


Feel free to contact me about anything –
FB and twitter – EHSU President

Or come and see me upstairs in the hub 🙂

See you soon!







Rate Your Landlord, supported by Endsleigh!

facebook-rate-your-Landlord-bannerWelcome to Edge Hill’s first ever Rate Your Landlord, supported by Endsleigh!

Here at the Students’ Union, we have identified that students must look for accommodation from sometime around Christmas and into the second term.

There is a bad perception that every student must run around and grab a house as soon as possible without really knowing anything about landlords or letting agencies or even visiting properties!

While we would encourage students to hold off a little and wait to make sure they’re happy with the people they’ve chosen to live with, we have decided to introduce Rate Your Landlord.

This scheme will ask for those living in off campus properties to rate their landlord/letting agency/accommodation based on a variety of factors.

The results will then be analysed by the Students’ Union who will award the landlords who score highest.

As there are a number of categories, we feel the results will help inform students on who they wish to rent from the following year.

It gives students, particularly first years, the opportunity to identify which attributes matter most to them, and pick the landlord or agency appropriately.

What we do need from all those living in off campus is to take part in this survey so we can award our local landlords for their excellence in key areas.

The survey is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS and so we would ask you to be as truthful as possible.

There will be an awards night in early April where we will be releasing the results to landlords, the local media, and most importantly to you the students.

So make sure to click here NOW and take 2-3 minutes letting us know how your landlord or letting agency has performed during your time in the property.

Fanacht leat Cnoc Imeall iontach (You stay classy Edge Hill)


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Endsleigh banner

Term One Done!

Term One Done!

So, this term has flown in! We’ve been doing loads here in the SU and probably not telling you about half of it.

A lot of preparation work has been going in to some of our bigger projects after Christmas especially our Student Led Teaching Awards where students will have the opportunity to recognise those staff members who have been outstanding. Nominations can be for lecturers, personal tutors and even support staff such as catering, cleaning and security. It is through these awards we encourage all staff to strive to deliver the best possible experience for each individual student.

We will also be launching our Rate Your Landlord project where again, students will have the opportunity to recognise those landlords who have been delivering a good service in their off campus accommodation. Again, we hope this will encourage all landlords to deliver a great customer service and indeed a top quality property.

We’ve recently asked all students to tell us what they consider to be their three biggest issues at Edge Hill, which can be anything from their learning experience, living experience (both on and off campus) to the services offered on campus including the library, bar, buses, parking, eating, etc.

From the responses we gain, we know what areas of University life we should be focusing on trying to improve. You can have your say by checking you student email.

There’s been lots of activity in the past few weeks from raising awareness of those students with disabilities to ensuring students continue to use our Advice Centre where we offer contract checking for students moving into new accommodation next September.

We held our AGM (Annual General Meeting) recently where students asked us officers to approach the on-campus shops to request they cease to sell the s*n newspapers in their establishments, in support of campaigns around the removal of Page 3 and in support of the Hillsborough victims.

That’s just a whistle stop tour of my term so far but as always there’s so much more going on.

Keep up to date with us on the Edge Hill Students’ Union Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as my officer Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As ever, if you have anything you wish to raise with us or want us to campaign on just let us know via messaging me on social media, email me on or just come into the Hub and see me!

For now, have a lovely break and the very best of luck to you in your exams in January.

Nollaig Shona duibh (Merry Christmas all)


We are campaigning for YOU, want to be involved?

We are campaigning for YOU, want to be involved?

So, didn’t blog enough in August so they’re coming thick and fast now.

We spent August on various training sessions with NUS, four days in Lancaster at Lead and Change and down in Birmingham at Skills for Change.

All this change training coupled with our new EHSU Campaigns Committee means we are going to bring more change this year than ever before!

And by change, I mean for the better. Our strategic aim as an organisation is “Ensuring The Best Student Life” and that’s what we’re trying to do.

This year, alongside course rep training and assistance, provision of societies, sports teams, student media, volunteering, bar, club, catering and our amazing Advice Centre, we have even more plans, but we want you to be involved!

The four officers have identified a number of campaigns we wish to run which we feel will enhance your time at University.
Some of the current plans include creating a RateYourLandlord scheme, running a major Mental Health and Wellbeing awareness and action campaign and carrying on our work on increasing your employability prospects through recognition of your voluntary work.

But we want two things: the first is for YOU to get involved in these projects to make them an even bigger success, but the second is for YOU to tell us about other projects that you either want us to lead on, or indeed ones that you want to lead on and us to assist you with!

These projects and campaigns can be anything that is close to your heart or you’re passionate about and can include holding an event, lobbying the University or local persons or public bodies, or just raising awareness across campus and the student body.

Speak to us if any of this is setting an idea off in your head and let’s see where things go.

Slán (goodbye)


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What do you want from YOUR Students’ Union?

What do you want from YOUR Students’ Union?
So I’m a month into my new job as President and realised I haven’t really asked this question much! The three Vice Presidents and I are elected to work for you and carry out things you request of us.

Don’t worry, we have been getting on with plenty of stuff since we started on 1 August!
We were all elected to our roles on our manifestos and are busy getting on with some of that work, alongside the contractual responsibilities of our jobs.

Some massive changes have happened already this year and we hope on the social side of things, you will all enjoy our SU Bar, the Quad nightclub and our brand new catering outlet Nom, all based on The Street.

We have been working hard alongside the University to ensure adequate prayer and faith facilities as well as finding a ‘place to call home’ for our VibeMedia empire!

Fingers crossed I can update you all more in a later blog.

I won’t bore you much more, but back to the point, if there is anything you want or need from us please do get in touch, because it’s so easy:

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Or you know what, just come in and see us upstairs in the Hub!!! 🙂
Go raibh maith agaibh (thanks to you all) <– that’s a little bit of Irish for you!


Goodbye and Good Luck

Well, the end is nigh. As I sit here in an empty office with less than 30 minutes till I vacate my role as President of Edge Hill Students’ Union, I just wanted to send my best wishes to every single one of you and thank you for a fantastic two years. It has been my absolute pleasure to represent you all both in my Vice President & President capacities.

It seems like an absolute lifetime ago since I myself was graduating from my Primary Education degree back in the summer of 2011 and simultaneously attending the Graduation Lunches as the new (and first) Vice President Faculty of Education. Since then a lot has changed both within the University and the Students’ Union and I truly hope that both continue on this upwards trend over the coming trend.

Since I started we have seen significantly better engagement with our student body, especially in the Faculties of Education and Health & Social Care. I have watched the number of societies we have increase hugely as well as the creation of our student media platform Vibe. We have seen the SU develop an independent Advice Centre as well as the creation of a Marketing department in order to better inform you of what we do and what opportunities are available to you. And with a big expansion to our services on the horizon I can only imagine that the SU will continue to provide you all with more opportunities, events, representation and advice.

I’d like to thank all those both within the SU and the University whom I have worked with over the last two years and who have supported me and my colleagues in being able to make positive. change on your behalf. I’d also like to wish the new team – Gareth, Kayley, Em-J and Christian the best of luck for the coming year and can only hope that they will do even bigger and more wonderful things for you than I was ever able to.

But most importantly I’d like to send all of you – the students, my most sincere and absolute best wishes. It has been my absolute pleasure to have represented you and worked on your behalf these past two years and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Whether you have just finished your first year or just graduated I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do with your life! Enjoy yourself, never get too stressed and always ensure that you’re happy, whatever it is you’re doing. You have the world at your feet, now go and change it 🙂

A very fond farewell to you all

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Finish in Sight? Not for us :(

Good afternoon folks

With end-of-year exams on the horizon and your mother’s cooking already beckoning you home for the summer (for those of you living away), the end of academic year 12/13 is beginning to come to a close for many of you (sorry teachers, nurses, paramedics etc who are stuck here till June-July and beyond). However, this does not mean we as an SU get to go home for the summer 🙁 and work is still going on both in full-view and behind the scenes to improve the student experience here at Edge Hill. Indeed the summer is actually when much of the action takes place and aside from our usual roles – sitting on committees, board, panels and writing reports etc, it also sees much of the planning and changes take place for the next academic year so everything is ready for your start/return in September.

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on a few things which I/we have been involved in recently:

Firstly, Friday saw the final day of nominations for our Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs). We’ve had record numbers of nominations this year, much of this down to the hard work of our VP Faculty of Education – Alex, who has taken the lead on this project. This is a really great venture, not only because it allows you as students and us as an SU the opportunity to thank those staff members who have had a positive impact on your student experience, but also because it helps us to pick out good practice and identify what Edge Hill students think makes a good lecturer, personal tutor or support staff member. We can then use this information to improve the teaching, support and services you receive in the future and indeed Alex, Gareth and I have been asked to present a lecture on this at a conference on campus in July.

Recently I have also been working with Facilities Management (FM) on a number of things. The first outcome is that FM are now putting the final proposals together for the new and improved multi-faith room currently located in the Magnolia suite at Forest Court. This work is costing upwards of £8000 and will be undertaken over the summer to ensure this bigger, better and more inclusive facility is available for students in September. I won’t go into detail about what this will look like but anyone wanting to know any more, just let me know.

I am also working with FM on putting a business case together for the University to invest in lockers on campus. Over the past two years in my respective roles I have had students coming to me asking about storage on campus and whether the University would invest in lockers, especially given the ever-expanding nature of the campus and the increase in student numbers over the last decade. As a result FM have now identified a number of areas around campus where lockers could be placed and once the plans have been completed, we will be taking the case forward to the senior management team within the University for approval. Hopefully if this is given the go ahead, there will be lockers in place for students to use from September.

The final topic I’ve been working on with FM is that of food waste. As someone who can’t stand waste, I hate it when the University holds events which are catered and then upon completion, proceed to dispose of all the leftover food when there are hundreds of students in the locality with tight budgets who would welcome some free food. As a result I’ve managed to convince FM to put a policy together which states that in the right circumstances once an event has finished but the food is still within a safe time period, members of Catering will take the food out into public areas and offer to any students there. So if you see someone coming up to you next year with free food – that’s why :p

In other news on Sunday we undertook our Lipdub attempt for this year to Frank Turner’s ‘I Still Believe’. Given the numbers, we have used this as our final pilot before undertaking a full-scale Lipdub in Oct-Nov of next academic year. We have a dedicated team of officers and students who will be taking this forward and I’m really hoping this can become a huge project which all students can be proud of and which really tells the public what Edge Hill is all about. If you want to get involved make sure you keep your eyes peeled for stuff posted online and during Freshers’ Fair etc. Additionally keep your eye out for the Promo vid which will be posted to our YouTube channel very shortly 🙂

And as a final note, if you are wondering where our website has gone, we’re currently making some major changes to it but it will be up and running ready for the start of the next academic year.

I’m sure many of you will hear from me or see me before you go but for those of you who don’t, have a wonderful summer and for those of you leaving for good, I wish you all the best of luck in the future and hopefully I’ll be present at your graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievements with you.

Best wishes

SU President

P.S. I get to see the new Creative Edge building behind the track tonight 😉 Will try and post some pictures

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