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Fudging mother fudger, I’ve graduated.

*oh wow. so many people have spoken.

Yes, University of the year, HOLLAAAAAAAA

Can we get this over and done with- I’m nervous in a way that’s making me afraid of my bodily functions.

Oh crap. Oh fug, oh fug, oh fug.

I’m wearing a tassely square on my head and my gown makes me look like Professor snape.snape 2

I’m going to fall aren’t I? The Dean is going to lol her socks off at me… no she won’t she’ll help. Oh god that’s so much worse. Don’t help me. THE SHAME. Maybe if I just cover myself in my snapey cloak it will just carry on as normal. Work around me. Yes that’s sensible.

Oh no. It’s my go.

The person infront first. Waity wait.

They said my name.

Here it is.


Smile a bit.

Shakey hand.

It’s over…


heart feels like its trying to escape from chest.

Oh, shit.

Okay, don’t panic.


this is the first day of the rest of my life.

I’ll just have a glass of bubbly, celebrate with my close ones and cry when I get home.

Just kidding…*


So don’t panic, here are some tips to help you through…

1.The real world is  more fun than actual adults tell you

Of course, it’s not gonna be how you thought it would be when you were 5. 

People who have been in their job for years are of courrrrrse gonna have their beef with their job- just like you have your beef when Netflix pauses to load. (Why in the name of all things good and holy does the Wi-fi do this to us half way through ‘American Horror Story’ I will never understand.)emma stone

Just wave those people off, concentrate on how exciting it is to have a new job or NOT having job (!!) It’s okay to be in this position, we’re young and please- you’ve just left student life- an adjustment period is necessary…

2. Your degree won’t go to waste

What you need to remember is that, just because the job you get isn’t in the area you necessarily did your degree in doesn’t make it useless! You have something called transferable skills…

pish posh

So, for example, for every graduate, you have the transferable skills of writing essays- sounds stupid- but you can form a coherent argument and deliver it in such a way that employers look for! Never fear!

3. Don’t give up on your pals

Distance makes it harder, beliiiiiiiiieve me I understand- but your friends are probably feeling as poo as you. Give them a ring, a cheeky text everynow and again. Meeting up is gonna have to be arranged in advances and penciled into the diary.

Actual organisation, right?

4. Don’t be jel..

Things are going to go absolutely perfectly for one of your friends and you’re gonna be sitting there with your cup of tea and packet, yes packet, of biscuits wondering what the even heck you’ve done wrong.what the fuck

Literally, don’t panic- keep searching. Dip your biccy in your tea as you browse through jobs online- no pressure.

5. Don’t take the first job you get offered if its not what you want

On that note- don’t just accept the first job that comes along- choose what’s right for you.
Don’t worry if you have to take a job in a bar to keep you going in between finding what you really want to do, but don’t settle. Don’t give up.

You’ve got this.

6. Closure

Don’t become ‘that guy’ who just consistently says how ‘Uni was the best years of my life’, ‘I miss it’, ‘I just want to go back’.
If you want to go back- DO IT you’re alumni, have a cheeky nosy around- hell do a masters- but only if it’s what you want. Don’t just do Higher education for the student life…dont give up

Okay, I hope this was useful.

I know those probably haven’t calmed your nervy nerves- maybe it’s ignited them. If so- oops, I am very sorry, don’t panic, I have a breakfasty snack drawer in my office and I am partially willing to share.
But I genuinely just want to remind you that, as Queen Tanya Byron/other magical beret wearing officials will have said in the ceremony whilst wavering about in front of the degree giving stick (I swear it’s a real thing)- you have done something incredible. It may not have seemed it- for me going to uni was something that was forced down my neck in personal tutor classes, we HAD to write a personal statement, it was a second thought. Uni was just part of the process but good god. We’ve done it. We’ve got ourselves degrees. That’s actually a massive thing & despite life ahead seeming all a bit daunting, loomy and pressurey (maybs)- never fear– You’ve done something spectacular and you are fully capable of doing something equally as spectacular again… Even if you have to remind yourself by spooning your certificate sometimes.

VP Welfare, out.


What is a blog? What am I doing? How do you spell….. Here goes nothing…….

what am i doing

Guys, I’ve finally got round to writing my first blog wohooooooo!! Anyway, I’m Steve and I’m your newly elected Students’ Union president! I don’t want to use this time to write about myself, but rather about The Union, what a President does, what I’ve been doing so far and what I have potentially planned for the next year!

Who the ^*$* are the Union?anything you wish

NO! WE ARE NOT JUST A BAR! The Students’ Union here at Edge Hill is completely separate from the institution. We are a registered charitable organisation, meaning any money we make from anything always goes back into the business to organise more things for YOU!

The word we should always emphasise is Students’, as all Edge Hill students are EHSU members. We can and will represent you in everything you wish us to regarding the University. We are completely independent from the University, meaning we avoid any conflicts of interest and our sole focus will ALWAYS be representing our members fairly and equally.


Mr President

So what does a president do? Well that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out over the last 2 weeks! When I ran for president, I just thought I got to organise lots of fun things; oh how wrong I was!!! The responsibility that comes along with the role is insane! My main aim is the progression of the Students’ Union, which covers a huge area! I also have to chair boards, be a trustee, sit on board of governors, and go to lots of important meetings regarding the University…. I mean, ME! Really? Who thought that would be a good idea?

All jokes aside, it has been an incredible experience, and I’m learning so much!!

why-are-you-doing-this-to-me-sadFacebook… And what else?

So between my president page and my personal page, I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing posts and statuses. Please forgive me, I’m just sooooo excited at the minute that if I’m not typing I’m just rocking back and forward on my chair wanting to do something!!

I’ve chaired our board of trustee’s meeting, met with the local council, been to academic board, been liaising with all the directorate (the fancy people) and planning the year!

I’ve been researching the impact of legal and illegal substances on students, working to ensure our sports are open everyone, irrespective of sex, age, sexual identity or physical abilities, setting up meetings with various NUS representatives, analysing the impact the budget last week will have on students (I love numbers; how sad) and am currently preparing a report to submit to the University…. But I can’t tell you what about for now :(

Should Edge Hill be scared?tumblr_nhzg1oeqpX1tl1i2no1_500

So what have I got in place for you? Well, the simple answer to that is absolutely nothing so far! How useless am I? That’s not to say that we haven’t been constantly working to get plans in place, it’s just a lot more difficult than we originally thought!!

Right now we’re figuring out how we can put daytime fresher’s events on for you with a huge budget of….. £0000000000000!! On top of that, we’re working on a review of societies and course reps with our two fantastic new staff members.

Then we have our Vice Presidents; Rosie is working very hard on placement review, Lauren on housing and Pat on our society review! We’ve also got some great ideas to continue SAFE week, and of course Codie’s EHSU <3 Consent!

Personally, a lot of my work is around planning how to raise alcohol and drug awareness, having better sexual health advice and services, ensuring our sports teams are free from discrimination for everyone and not eating lots of sandwiches at meetings (you know, those exciting meetings I always talk about).

Anyway, sorry for the long blog and apologies in advance for the pollution your Facebooks will have to endure this year. Expect BIG things from all the officers and the entire SU, I am so excited for the University to be full come September!!


A Southerner venturing up North for Uni

Hi all, thought I’d best get up and running and write my first ever blog. Not really sure what my subjects about but hopefully as you continue reading it will make some sense and may even be a moral to the story. But hey, even if there’s not, I hope its good read.

So for many students, joining University isn’t just about gaining a degree, in fact that’s only one small part of it. Having been here for 3 years now it’s safe to say I have massively changed and developed as a person, even though when you join Uni you think you’re pretty mature and old, but you’ve got so much learning ahead of you. My development has been strange I suppose, as I consider myself a big kid, and somehow I think / hope that will never change. So I guess I’ve just become slightly harder working, a bit more organised, but yet I still have no idea what I really want to do with my life… I’m not too sure anyone does to be honest.

Before heading up to Liverpool from Brighton, it’s easy to say I quickly jumped to conclusions and stereotyped ‘scousers’. Stories and tales of car wheels being robbed, being told to lock my car door wherever I go, and being told no matter how slow Liverpudlians speak, you still wont understand them. However this being said, since joining Edge Hill I have never met a more humorous, friendly and welcoming bunch of people, and have made a lot of very close friends, who all of course have that dodgy accent. Think I’ve just come up with my first moral… “Never judge a book by its cover” :D

So, some tips for being at Uni as I feel it could be quite handy for some Freshers joining this year..

For me joining a sports team was the best thing I ever did. I think without them I would have really struggled, and could have definitely seen myself dropping out. I play rugby union, so to be training or playing 2 or 3 times a week, as well as going out socialising and meeting other teams made starting life away from home a lot easier, building a good group of mates who you look to as your Uni family.

If you’re not one for sports then I would definitely recommend really getting to know your flat mates, other people in your block, or joining a society. Having people to talk to at Uni is very important. Without this connection with other people, halls can definitely seem like a lonely place, I know it did for me. “Is this really what University’s like?” was a question I found I was asking myself when I started, especially when you were unsure if Uni was really for you in the first place, leaving loved ones, a girlfriend/boyfriend, mates all at home. But just be yourself, embrace University, jumping in with two feet, and speak to anyone if you have any worries, because at the end of the day, you’re all in the same boat.

I think that’ll do for one day, excellent waffling displayed above, guess that’s another thing I’ve learnt from countless essays and presentations.

Hope to see you around

Rosie Makes a Post: VP Ac. Rep


I’m Rosie McKenna, and as you may or may not know, I’m your Vice President Academic Representation for 2015/2016, and Edge Hill Student’s Union’s first ever VP Ac. Rep!

Let me explain that;

As you will know if you attended our annual members meeting last year, (or voted in the elections, or just have a general idea of what’s happening in the SU,) the Vice Presidential roles within the SU changed, so instead of the faculty based system that we had previously, we now have roles that are remit-specific. So in simple terms, instead of VP Faculty of Arts and Sciences, VP Faculty of Health and Social Care & VP Faculty of Education, we now Have VP Activities, VP Welfare (who is the author of the previous blog,) and VP Academic Representation.

hp wow

The presidential role has stayed the same though, no change to that one.


So, what have I, VP Academic Rep, been doing since I came into post?

Well, we’ve all been training. Having introductory meetings, learning what it means to be a trustee of a charity, and just getting to grips with our roles.

We’ve also been planning out what campaigns we want to run this year, going through what last years team ran, deciding what we want to carry on with, and looking at our own manifestos and dropping those into the calendar for the year. Which I think is super exciting! As a team we’ve come up with some stellar ideas, and I’m so excited to share them with you lot!


Though apparently I do that a lot…. (In joke, soz.)

I’ve also been going to meetings to work on a student submission for QAA, (Quality Assurance Agency,) where basically I need to gather information on what you guys really think of the uni! (Don’t worry about that yet though, I’ll let you know when I need you. Don’t all queue up at once…)

We’re also changing how course reps and societies work, and I’ll be working on the new course rep training system, delivering that when you guys get elected. (Because you will need to actually be properly elected now, more information on that coming soon!)

zac effron vote

vote anything ze says…. I don’t even know.

So yes, it’s been a busy first few weeks, mostly laying plans. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year, and putting these plans into action!

VP Ac. Rep, out!

fail superhero

Training, Handovers & Independence day..


sorry. *ahem*


I am your new Vice President of Welfare at Edge Hill’s [incredibly awesome] Students’ Union – if you’re a current student you will have seen our office over the bridgey-type thing in the Hub where we all are working hard, and yes, in a true mulan fashion- getting down to business.

Lemme give you a quick introduction to your new team…  (to find out more- sneak over to the ‘About me’ section)

Steve (President)  11739699_10154023129287586_339024904_n

Steven is your Union President and our boss (we let him think he is). 

Rosie (VP Academic Representation)


Rosie is here to look after allllllllllll your Academic needs.

Rosie and Steven are taking what’s called a Sabbatical Year- basically a gap year- meaning they will take up study again after their year here at the SU!

…just kidding

Pat (VP Activities)


Pat is our Activities representative- he’ll be looking after all our societies and events that happen on/off campus.

Me- Lauren (VP Welfare)


I am your Welfare representative- any kind of help or advice you need, holla at me! …nicely

Pat and I have jut graduated with top notch degrees and are now Alumni- ooer.

So, what have we been doing in our first week?!

Well, the first couple of days were ‘handover’ days- so basically we listened to alooooooot of very important information, cans and can’ts, dos and don’ts etc and ate LOADS of biscuits. We also went to Manchester (woosabbsontour), firstly to visit Manchester Met’s Students’ Union- who are SUPER lucky with their new fancy building and such like where we met their team but also the Sabb team from UCLAN who are also all very lovely.

From there, we went to a training meeting with ‘Crowe Clark Whitehill’, an accountancy firm, who imparted their wisdomy ways on how to be a Trustee- a crucial part of our job here at the SU.

Then it was time to say goodbye…

The sabbatical team over the past year have been incredible- spearheading the Union into a brighter place. They have really made a difference and we hope we can do the same!


Thomas, Pat’s forehead, Steven, Codie, Kayley, Rosie, Lauren (me) & Tami

Independence day..

The day arrived where we were left alone.
We battled for desks and the most functioning laptop and got ourselves stuck into work. We got to grips with the ever busy calandars and future meetings we have to attend- aaah! It seemed super difficult initially.(but now, just a few days into it- i think we all have it down to a T)

On our first night alone, no don’t- it was genuinely scary- we had a trustee board. We’d had the training and knew what our responsibilities were but this was our first big meeting and we were, it’s safe to say, slightly nervy.
We rocked up, notepads and pens a-go-go, ready to tackle whatever was to be bought up. Thankfully there were sandwiches so this calmed our nerves partially.. When the other trustee board members arrived, we soon realised that we had nothing to worry about. We went through the agenda with ease and finesse, ironing out issues as we munched our way through the meeting. Delicious..

Throughout this article there has been several mentions of food..
Kayley, our previous president, warned us about ‘Sabb Fat‘.

Pretty much every meeting we attend has at least tea/coffee served but most have a little buffet. I am genuinely concerned for our wellbeing. SANDWICHES EVERYWHERE.


On a slightly lighter note (see what I did there),
this week has been a real test of our ability as a team, as a whole work force and as an individual- and to be completely honest- we’re LOVING it.

This year is going to be epic.

Lauren Blunds, over and out.