Food Donations!

We’re always hearing in the news about how more and more people are relying on FoodBanks and Soup Kitchens, so myself and Lorna from the Edge Hill Chaplaincy decided to work together to collect donations for our local services.

After contacting the FoodBank, we were told that there is a lull in donations around this time of year, which tied in perfectly with students’ going home for the summer. We decided we would collect any donations and, with the FoodBank requirements being slightly more strict than the SoupKitchen, we knew that everything would be given a home.

We promoted the project to students and staff, and started the collection from May 1st. Everyday we were gifted more bags of food, from baked beans and rice pudding to pasta and biscuits. We even had special deliveries from our colleagues at another EHU campus!


Myself and Lorna headed over to Southport on 11th June to drop off the food to both Southport Soup Kitchen and Southport FoodBank.


The Soup Kitchen were really grateful, and as it was during their opening times, we even got to chat to some of the service users who were very thankful too.


We headed over to the FoodBank where some children from a local school were helping out. We were given a tour around the facility (much bigger than the SoupKitchen) and told how the system works to make it fair and useful. Our donations weighed up to 41kg and will go to feed a lot of hungry people!


A huge thank you to everyone who helped out by donating food and drink – it will be very gratefully received. It’s easy to think that you will never be in a position to need to use a FoodBank or Soup Kitchen, but after speaking to people who use the service, you realise how easily these things can happen.

We are still collecting for the rest of June, ready to take another box of donations to Ormskrik FoodBank this time, so if you have anything left in your cupboards of going spare, please drop them at the SU reception desk!

Finally a huge thanks to Lorna and the Chaplaincy for working with us on this project, enabling us to collect a huge amount of food and make a big difference in the local community.


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