Student Led Staff Awards!

Sometimes, Uni is hard. I know, I’ve been there. Often, there is someone, if not a few someones who help get you through the rocky days. For me, it was Gemma Roberts who sits on the Box Office in Performing Arts. So I, along with a whole load of other students who felt the same, nominated her for a Student Led Staff Award! There are few things as rewarding as feeling appreciated for your hard work and for everyone to recognise the effort you put in every day.

That’s the reason behind the Student Led Staff Awards. The SLSA’s give you, as students, the chance to thank those members of staff who help make your time at University, wether than be an inspiring lecturer, a supportive personal tutor or a wonderful member of support staff. If they work here, they’re eligible for a nomination! Even if they don’t win, it’s a great way of us highlighting best practise and encouraging others to do the great things that staff were nominated for!

The awards are not given based on the number of nominations, but on the reasons behind the nomination, so the more evidence you can provide, the better! You can nominate someone in each of the categories – so get thinking!


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1 thought on “Student Led Staff Awards!

  1. Alex Hermon

    Sue canning has been the most inspirational tutor of my year, helping me to achieve a first in my second year of my degree. As well as being a great lecturer, she has helped by being friendly and considerate tutor to help me through my degree, even through sections which did not consern herself.

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