I said ‘Hey! What’s going on?!’

Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote a blog! President Kayley recently wrong a blog covering some of it, but I think it’s about time I caught you all up on some other happenings!

Last Wednesday was University Mental Health Day! It was so stressful to organise (ironically!) but it was really lovely to see so many students engage in conversation about such an important issue. Uni can be really hard, particularly on ol’ mental health, so it’s important to ask for help when you need it. I made a little video with some footage of the day, including some support pledges by faces you may recognise:


Elections coming to a union 2x2Elections

So at our AMM on Monday, a motion was passed that meant our officer positions have changed! We will still have a president, but also VP Welfare, VP Activities and VP Academic Welfare. You should absolutely run – it’s the weirdest, best thing you will ever do! All the info you need can be found on our website: http://www.edgehillsu.org.uk/suelections   Bring on Elections Fever!






STLA 800 x 200 pixelsIs there a member of staff you think is great? Nominate them for the Student Led Staff Awards! Whether it’s a lecturer, personal tutor or member of support staff – anyone is eligible and it’s always nice to tell someone they’re doing a good job! It’s a super simple, super quick application, just follow this link: http://www.edgehillsu.org.uk/slsa    (Don’t forget, Students’ Union staff are eligible for nomination too! ;))

We are holding a Swap Shop! Any old clothes, in good condition, that you no longer want, bring along to our reception desk in the next week, and receive tokens! The tokens can be swappScreen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.39.26ed for clothes at our big Swap Shop event on Friday 6th March in The Quad! 11-4pm!









So that’s just a few things I’m working on right now! There’s a lot more, of course, but if I don’t stop writing this now, I won’t have time to do all the things! (Catch 22 situation!)

If you need anything, as always just drop us a Facebook message, or come up to the office and say ‘Hi’!

Lots of rainbows and smiles,


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