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Anyone else feel like this year is flying by? I can’t believe that it’s almost time for our elections! We’ll soon know who will be taking over this job next year!

We’ve had such a busy month this month! So I thought I’d try and give you a quick (ish) update about what we have been up to and what you can still get involved with!

Like I said before, we’ll soon know who will be doing my job next year! Soon the hub will be plastered in posters, bed sheets, balloons and anything else people can think of! I can’t wait! Elections coming to a union 2x2

If you are interested in standing we have loads going on to help you understand the roles more! For more information check out the – Key dates

Rate Your Landlord

Rate You Landlord will be part of a bigger housing campaign this year so I have been spending quite a bit of time analysing the results and putting together a report. We really want to find out if you found the housing list useful and what the houses are like on the housing list – so if you have any feedback feel free to email me – supresident@edgehill.ac.uk or message me on Facebook!

Student Led Staff Awards

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Last year we had over 1000 nominations for staff that go above and beyond! This year we want to beat that! So if you think a particular member of staff should be recognised let us know – nominate them here.
The winners will be announced at graduation ceremonies! We also present the results at the Center for Learning and teaching conference, we hope to share good practice across the university!

SAFE week

Last year I decided to run the first ever Sexual Health week (SHAG week). The week was reasonably successful, but I decided to take the comments on board and make the week way more inclusive this time, starting with a name change!

SAFE week

The week was really successful and I really hope it helped start discussions around love, sex and relationships! We also signed up to the wrapped scheme as part of the week so that free condoms can be accessed from the SU throughout the week.
Although the week was successful there is still much more that needs to be done, I’m hoping to approach the council about the lack of sexual health services in the area.

Annual Members meeting

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Unfortunately our annual members meeting arranged for this week was inquorate so has been rearranged for Monday 23rd of January at 6pm in the Quad!

The Annual Members meeting is a chance for students to ask questions about what we do and vote on motions that people have submitted – motions are basically things that people want the SU to change! We have had 2 motions submitted for Monday’s meeting –

Halal, is it meat you’re looking for? – A motion which will discuss the lack of halal meat options served on campus, in particular the SU bar.

Reconfiguration of the student officer structure? – A motion that looks at changing the roles of the Vice president roles.

The proposed change would mean that next year we would have:
VP Academic representation – who would deal with course issues and represent students on university learning and teaching committees.
VP Welfare – who would deal any issues not relevant to your course and run campaigns to make a difference to students lives.
VP Activities – this would be the key contact for sports, societies and events. They would meet with sports teams and societies on a regular basis and make sure that the improvements that need to be made happen.

So come along challenge these motions and use your vote as a member!


Yes we attend a lot of meetings! But we’ve had a lot of success by attending certain meetings! We are working with FM and the library to improve the accessibility of campus, there will be work taking place over the Easter periods to improve the accessibility.
We have also worked with FM to improve the lighting around campus, and we are looking at how we can improve the car parking.
We’ve also worked with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and are now happy to announce that students will be able to claim back transports costs to placements ‘where the location of the work-related study gives rise to additional travel cost for the students’. Students who are incurring additional costs must submit a green sheet obtainable from finance to their departmental office for their head of department to sign off.

We have also been in discussions about the financial support currently available and how this can be improved for future years, which have looked at interesting alternatives such an enhancement fund that students can apply for to help with employability. We’ve also looked at the hidden costs of university and how we can minimise these costs such as sports kits.

Remember we are always looking for student feedback we can take to these meetings so if you have an issue with your course, tutor, accommodation or anything remotely related to university please let us know so we can help!

Give it a go week!


We are also running our give it a go week next week – 23rd – 28th. This week is for anyone that has been putting off joining that society, or starting that new hobby or for those that just want to try something different! There’s loads going on during the week so come along and get involved! Find out what’s going on here.

I’m so sorry for the long blog! I just wanted to let you all know what we’ve been up to!


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