Back to reality

Just over a week ago I said to my friends that so much would change in the coming week and it really has. Freshers Week is the craziest and busiest week of university. Freshers BandsIn the past week you have started to settle into your new home, met so many new people (and probably found friends who will stick with you for life!), possibly drunk more than you ever have before, signed up for about 50 societies and tried your hand at cooking. Last week was amazing, but I know I was more than ready to enter the real world again – mainly because I wanted sleep!

Wednesday Socials HodorSo how do you cope with uni life now the lectures have started, you need to start eating properly and you actually have some time on your hands?

Lectures & Seminars – Turn up to these! It’s actually really useful to learn face to face and you’ll get so much more by being in the sessions rather than copying your mates notes up because you decided to stay in bed. See if you can find people to walk to sessions with (even if it’s just from the car park!) – you’ll be able to motivate each other, which you’ll appreciate on the cold snowy mornings later in the year.

Food – It’s almost guaranteed you were sent to uni with a student cookbook (or 5!) so use them! A diet of beans on toast is not going to get you through the year! Try cooking with your flatmates or housemates – maybe have a Come DIne with Me type event. Fajitas, pasta bakes and curries are all pretty easy to make so don’t be scared, just have a go! I would recommend Sorted Food for ideas.

Time – It’s far too easy for you to sit in your room or curl up in your bed watching Harry Potter and/or sleep the time away. You’ll probably need quite a bit of sleep after last week (I know I do!) but how can you stop that homesickness feeling? The trick is to keep yourself busy, spend time with your housemates and friends and why not join a society or sports team? (You could probably study too…..) University is what you make it – so make it amazing!


Also I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my CoppaFeel! team for representing the charity so well last Wednesday. This is one of the charity’s I am supporting this year – the aim being to raise awareness about Breast Cancer in under 30s. It’s great fun and you can find more information out on our Facebook page.

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