“This Will Be Our Year”

Hello, hola, welcome! As you may be aware, EHSU has a new sabbatical team in town, (cue dramatic music!) and I have taken over the role of Vice President Faculty of Arts and Sciences from EmJ, and boy are they big shoes to fill – But I’m willing to try!

I graduated in July with a first class honours degree in Dance and Drama with Design and spent a lot of my time taking advantage in all the stuff that Edge Hill has to offer. I was the President of Amnesty International Society, and a presenter on both VibeRadio and VibeTV, as well as a writer for VibeOnline and Senior Co-Ordinator for VibeMedia, I was a Student Guide and worked Front-of-House at the Arts Centre! It’s been a busy 3 years but I’ve totally loved it!

You’ll often see me walking around in my (odd) socks, wearing dresses in the rain, or with paint on my face. Either way, feel free to stop me for a chat at anytime!

EHSU Sabbs 8

If you are a returning student, I’m sure you have some ideas of things you’d like to change at Edge Hill, or ideas you have for events and campaigns – in which case, let me know, I’ll do the best I can! If you’re a Fresher, the fun is just getting started! The Student’s Union is here for you, the students. Our job is to represent you in anyway we can, running events and campaigns, giving advice, helping you join, or start a society, and so much more.

We’re located over the bridge in the Hub, or you can drop us an email if you want to chat!

Follow me: @EHSUvpfas   (and send me a little tweet if you can identify the song in the blog title!)

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