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Morning lovely Edge Hill people!

First of all, IT’S PANCAKE DAY! Pancakes are (in my opinion) one of the best things ever so I’ll definitely be making more than my fair share! I’m pretty terrible at making them though, so more of them than I’d like will either end up being flipped onto the floor or thrown in the bin, but I shall still try!

I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead of me, with our International Women’s Day event this Friday!


Lots of planning has gone into this and I’m super proud of what we’ve achieved in terms of getting the event sorted! The theme for International Women’s Day this year, is inspiring change.

Following that theme, we’ve got some rather inspiring women coming along to speak to us, including:


Raechel Mattey, NUS Vice President of Union Development (Speaking at 1pm)

Raechel is a prominent female officer at the front of the student movement – having met Raechel at numerous NUS conferences, I’m really excited for her to come along and talk to us about the NUS Women in Leadership campaign, where she stands on Lad Culture in universities and how she got to where she is today.


Anna Rothery, Labour Councillor for Liverpool (Speaking at 3pm)

Anna is extremely well known in her field – she has fought strongly for (and to represent) people of colour and ethnic minorities. We’re incredibly lucky to have her agree to speak at our event and she’ll be talking about what it’s like to be a woman in politics, her experiences being a guest on question time, working with Jesse Jackson and what she had to do to fight to get to her current position.

Anita Walsh, Managing Editor at BBC Sport (Speaking at 2pm)

Before working for BBC Sport, Anita taught the TV Production module here at Edge Hill – it was a sad day for her students when she left, but she’s coming back to talk to us about what it’s like to work in the Sports side of things, her route throughout the world of Media and just what it was like to be a lecturer!

Lucy Brady, Director and HR Consultant (Speaking at 2pm)

It may be a common misconception that business is a male dominated, but Lucy will be here to offer an insight into how she started and build up her own HR consultancy business and what she thinks is in the future for women in business.

Of course, this is not a ‘women only’ event – anyone of any gender (or lack thereof) and any age/course can come along!

It’s gonna be a great event and I can’t wait to get it started!

If you want to come and hear what everyone’s got to say then come along to E1 this Friday at 1pm!

That’s all from me for now, I’m off to finalize some details – bye for now!

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