So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!

Hello, wonderful Edge Hill people!

I’m back with another blog post and a tonne of things to tell you!

It’s been a pretty hectic in the SU over the last 2 weeks as we’ve been planning, planning and more planning!


Last week was S.H.A.G (Sexual Health Advice and Guidance) week, so we had loads of great stalls set up in the Hub, with lots of health officials here to give you advice on how to keep an eye on your sexual health. We had some absolutely lovely ladies from Coppafeel, a registered breast cancer charity, come in and give a talk on how to regularly check yourself lumps or irregularities – my mum has had breast cancer twice so, although I was already aware of this information, I found it really helpful and almost a little bit scary to here it from women my age who have been affected. Of course, it’s not just about us girls! Anyone of any gender (or lack-thereof) should regularly check themselves. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

We also had staff from Best2Know bring in some chlamydia tests (as there’s nothing better than peeing in a pot) and you could get some free condoms, free key rings or free boxers just for using the test!


The biggest event of S.H.A.G week was Edge Hill’s very own ‘Fake Me Out’, which took place in The Quad. I’m super happy with how many people turned up and took part – it was a great night full of laughs and lights! Many thanks to everyone involved and a big, BIG thanks to VP Education Kayley and the bar managers for organising the event.

Moving on into this week, Kayley and I are ploughing through with plans for International Women’s Day, we’re all getting super excited for Grad Ball AND we’ve got THE SU ELECTIONS COMING UP SOON! GAHHHHHH!


The elections (in case you hadn’t realized) are super important! This is your chance to select your VP Health, Education, Arts and Sciences and your President for next year. I’ve had an absolutely brilliant time in this job, so if you want to give it a go yourself, nominations open on Wednesday 26th Feb so get planning your manifestos and campaigns! More information can be found by following this link ——–>

Now. I’m afraid I must end my blog on a sad note. Today, we say goodbye to our Development Services Co-ordinator, Sarah Ellis, who is off to go and work for the RSPCA.
Sarah’s worked in the SU for as long as I’ve been at Edge Hill and I became good friends with her last year, when I worked as an SU Receptionist. She’s a total babe of a human being, who’s always been willing to help me with any issues I might have had, to give me any advice on how to do things in the SU and to give me any support when life’s been getting me down. Sarah was generally the person who trained the sabbatical officers and I’ve got great memories of all the laughs we had during my training. I’m incredibly sad to see her go (and sad that the new sabb officers won’t get the same training I did!) but I’m happy that she’s going off to do what she loves and be around more kittens than she can handle! I wish her all the best in everything she does and hopefully she knows just how much we’ll all miss her!

So that’s it from me for this week – next week is reading week for most FAS courses, so I hope you all had a great time away from the stresses of lectures, but don’t forget to come back!

I’m off to sort out the continuous issues that is feedback!

Bye for now!

Vice President of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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