Humans of New York! (Well, of Edge Hill really)

Consider this to be your lucky day, oh lovely Edge Hill students – you get 2 blogs in one week!

I’m back again but this time, I won’t be updating you of the perils of sabb life, instead I’m here to tell you all about HONY.

HONY (or Humans of New York as it’s more commonly known) is the creation of Brandon Stanton, an American photographer who wanted to create a ‘photographic census’ of New York and the people who live there. He began in the summer of 2010 but as he went on, his census changed into more of a documentation of the inhabitants of the city.

Brandon Stanton (on the right, with the camera. Obvs.)

Brandon Stanton (on the right, with the camera. Obvs.)

Brandon travels around New York taking pictures of the people he meets – he asks them questions about themselves, which result in some funny/serious/emotional stories. As HONY (and Brandon’s fame) has risen, more and more people approach him and ask to be documented by him.

Some of you may have seen HONY through Brandon’s website, on Facebook or (like me) you might follow the blog on Tumblr. I’ve been a fan of the project for around a year and I find it absolutely fascinating just how willing people are to open up to Brandon and tell him about what makes them happy, who has affected their lives and about the struggles they’ve faced on their journey throughout their time on this little old planet!

So. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this.

On Tuesday 4th February, Facebook will be having its’ 10 year anniversary (I know right, I can’t believe it’s been that long either!) As a sort of celebration for this, we here at EHSU are running our own HONY event (but I suppose it’s more like HOEH – although that doesn’t have the same ring to it…)

Gareth, Christian, Kayley and I will be strolling around campus today (Jan 30th), tomorrow (Jan 31st) and Monday (Feb 3rd), taking pictures and collecting stories for the project and we need your contributions! You don’t have to open up to us if you don’t want to, you can tell us about your week, a friend who means a lot to you, the happiest moment of your life, the saddest moment of your life or what your hopes for the future might be.

We really want this to be a big hit so we need as many contributions as possible! If you see us walking around and want to be a part of it all, just come on over and let us know!

For those of you who haven’t heard of HONY before, click this little link over here and head on over to the HONY website to see what all the fuss is about!

I’m super excited about all of this, so I’m off to get things sorted – see you all around campus later!

Bye for now!

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