Meetings, meetings and more meetings!

It’s that time of the week – yes, it’s blog time!

Last week was pretty hectic in terms of meetings, so I’m glad that this week is going to be a bit calmer! Some of the topics of my meetings were:

– Library: I met with Zoe Clarke (the FAS Academic Liaison Manager) to discuss ways in which the library staff can help you directly and involve you in decisions made by the staff.

– FASTEL: This is the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Technology Enabled Learning group. This is basically numerous members of staff from FAS, FOE and FOH (including yours truly) meeting to discuss and change the ways in which you lovely students use and engage with technology during your time at Edge Hill. We’re looking at improving Blackboard, fixing any problems with Turnitin, changing the way technology is used in lectures and seminars and we’ll be inviting students to join to the group to directly give us their opinions on technology at EH.

– Library: My fellow sabbs and I met with Helen Jamieson (Customer Services Manager in Learning Services) to reconsider the ways in which library fines work, including how much you should be fined, how long the fines last for and how you can avoid the fines altogether. We’re looking at how other universities run things in their libraries so keep an eye out for some changes to the charges!

– International Students: We had a lovely bunch of new international students arrive last week – they were given a campus tour by yours truly, then a tour of Ormskirk by a group of student volunteers and your SU President, Gareth. Hopefully they’re all settled into their halls and enjoying their time here!

I’ve got quite a few meetings this week, discussing things such as: National Student Money Week, continuing plans from Mental Health Awareness Day, International Women’s Day, Grad Ball and much more.

Don’t forget, we’ve got our Refreshers Fair tomorrow (Tuesday 21st January) so come on over to the Hub to sign up to any societies and/or sports teams that you may have missed back in September. I’ll be covering the SU Reception desk, so drop by and tell me about what you’ve signed up for!

That’s it for me this week, I’m off to send out some e-mail invites to the exciting events we’ve got coming up!

Bye for now!


Vice President of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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