5 ways to study better and achieve higher!

Welcome back and Happy New Year to everybody!!

It’s January and back to reality for most of us. Especially with exam dates and assignment deadlines rearing up and kicking us right in the kisser! But fret not! There are ways to make this whole process run a lot smoother and hopefully reduce the stress you’re putting your body and mind through!!

Just follow these 5 simple tips;

1. Study (or write assignments) after exercise

Ok, Ok. We’re not all fitness buffs and I especially don’t have the body of an Adonis. However, you don’t have to be at the peak of physical fitness for this tip to have an impact on your academic performance.
Studies show that exercise before study can increase your concentration levels as well as your ability to process information. This can also have the added benefit of decreasing stress levels! Bonus!

2. Choose the right time to study

This one is pretty straight forward. Some people find it easier to study/work first thing in the morning whilst others find it easier the later it gets at night. Either way is ok, just find the right time of the day for you to study and stick to it! You’ll be amazed by the difference!

3. Study in groups

OK, this might not work for everyone, but I personally found this to be one hell of a good way to learn the difficult stuff!! In our revision sessions we would fire out the hardest questions we could think of and try to catch each other out. If you have a natural affinity for healthy competition then this is a fantastic way to learn on the quick! We all knew the anatomy and physiology of the human body inside out whilst most others were still getting to grips with the basics!

4. Stay hydrated

This is the obvious one! So obvious that most of us put it out of our minds and concentrate on the more complicated methods. It’s no secret that a hydrated mind will perform a lot better than a neglected one! You should drink plenty of water and it also might be a good idea to cut down on diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine during exam periods.

5. Don’t over-do it

Ok, don’t neglect your studies, but don’t do too much at once either! The longer you go at it the more tired you’ll become and your concentration levels and processing ability will drop off. Make a schedule that allows your mind to rest between study sessions and keep to it. A rested mind will perform better!

Hope you all manage to keep on top of things. Much love.


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