Term One Done!

Term One Done!

So, this term has flown in! We’ve been doing loads here in the SU and probably not telling you about half of it.

A lot of preparation work has been going in to some of our bigger projects after Christmas especially our Student Led Teaching Awards where students will have the opportunity to recognise those staff members who have been outstanding. Nominations can be for lecturers, personal tutors and even support staff such as catering, cleaning and security. It is through these awards we encourage all staff to strive to deliver the best possible experience for each individual student.

We will also be launching our Rate Your Landlord project where again, students will have the opportunity to recognise those landlords who have been delivering a good service in their off campus accommodation. Again, we hope this will encourage all landlords to deliver a great customer service and indeed a top quality property.

We’ve recently asked all students to tell us what they consider to be their three biggest issues at Edge Hill, which can be anything from their learning experience, living experience (both on and off campus) to the services offered on campus including the library, bar, buses, parking, eating, etc.

From the responses we gain, we know what areas of University life we should be focusing on trying to improve. You can have your say by checking you student email.

There’s been lots of activity in the past few weeks from raising awareness of those students with disabilities to ensuring students continue to use our Advice Centre where we offer contract checking for students moving into new accommodation next September.

We held our AGM (Annual General Meeting) recently where students asked us officers to approach the on-campus shops to request they cease to sell the s*n newspapers in their establishments, in support of campaigns around the removal of Page 3 and in support of the Hillsborough victims.

That’s just a whistle stop tour of my term so far but as always there’s so much more going on.

Keep up to date with us on the Edge Hill Students’ Union Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as my officer Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As ever, if you have anything you wish to raise with us or want us to campaign on just let us know via messaging me on social media, email me on SUpresident@edgehill.ac.uk or just come into the Hub and see me!

For now, have a lovely break and the very best of luck to you in your exams in January.

Nollaig Shona duibh (Merry Christmas all)


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